Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lori and Mike at Linden Place Part 1

Posted by Mariah:

You may remember Lori and Mike from previous blog posts... (they are becoming regulars)! I photographed them in the North End of Boston for their photodate (mmm cannoli's) and they also made an appearance at the wedding of Joanna and Walter. I feel like I've gotten to know these guys pretty well over the last year so I couldn't wait for it to be their turn!

Luckily, it was a glorious day for a wedding in Bristol... sunny skies and cool breezes. Just how I pictured it! I started with Lori getting ready at the Bristol Harbor Inn. Love these sparkly shoes.

Speaking of sparkle, how about this gorgeous bracelet?!

Lori's teenie tiny dress...

Lori and Mike are planning to see each other before the ceremony for photos... Love them!
She and Mike are going to read each other some sweet sentiments... should make for a good photo-op too! Here's Lori putting the finishing touches on her card for Mike.

Our flower girl... isn't she the cutest?! She's got quite a pout!

Lori's mom and sister helping her into her dress...


Meanwhile, the usually calm and collected Mike is waiting anxiously for Lori to walk around the corner... Tall, dark, and handsome? check! check! check!

Awwww... he looks pretty happy!

A little mackin' on each other before we head out for pics...

I chauffeured Lori and Mike in my very fancy CRV over to Poppasquash Road, just on the other side of the harbor. When I lived in Bristol, this was a favorite little stretch of road for walking or when I felt really ambitious (jogging- yuck!) Anyway, the beautiful view of the harbor is on one side and a salty marsh is on the other. This spot is on the backside of Colt State park and I LOVE it! I couldn't wait to get Lori and Mike out here... and the light was just right! I love it when I plan comes together.

Hell-O Beautiful!

Some might say, "Oh no, powerlines!" But I say "Oh yes!"

I Love Love Love this photo. I would make a canvas print and hang it in my home if this was me... (hint, hint.)

And here is our salty marsh... is this spot insane or is it just me? (don't answer that).

These guys are seriously good looking.

Mike is definitely enjoying the view.

A little further on down the road we have Coggeshall Farm Road... another fav spot of mine for exercising (wheez, pant, pant). Every single time I walked by here I wished I had a bride to stick in this spot- thanks for making my dreams come true Lori.

I am probably saying something ridiculous here.

There, that's better. Turns out that Mike is crazy for stone walls, stone houses, anything stone- so I was instantly the hero for choosing this spot. I love being the hero!

So pretty.

Ooooh, I love this photo too- second fav of the day. If this was me, I would probably need a second canvas of this print in my home. (shameless hinting here).

I picked this spot for Lori and Mike to exchange their cards... I gave them a few minutes of privacy to read them to each other. I resisted the urge to hide in the vines like the paparazzi.

But, I did manage to get this portrait of Mike before we left... I call it "Mike gets stoned."

Now it's time to head over to Linden Place for some bridal party and family photos...

Here's Lori with her lovely maids and flowergirl.

I love this photo! How handsome are these three?!

Linden Place has a very vintage feel to it. I love the vintage feel of this photo.

...and this one too.

I love the colors of fall. Lori's family friend Mary Lally of Five Petals created all the beautiful bouquets and arrangements.

I was really excited about this photo when I took it. I love everything about it. I bet Lori's parents would like a canvas print of this photo. (okay- I'll stop).


Lori's fam...

Mike's fam...

...the newest addition to Mike's fam... how cute!

The programs looked so pretty hanging from the back of the chairs.

Lori's sister Jennifer- another beauty!

One of the best things about Linden Place is the very cool staircase.

It's almost show time...

I really like this photo of Lori, she looks so sweet and a little nervous.

Time to get married!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the ceremony and the reception!

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