Friday, December 28, 2007

Snap! Clients are the BEST!

It's a mutual appreciation... we really love photographing weddings, and we love making friends along the way. Corny, but true. We had an amazing season filled with really great people. Thank you everone in 2007- and can't wait for 2008! This was a really sweet note from Courtney- check out the pics of her album and her wedding on the blog too.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Amy and Carl December 15th 2007

Photographed by Mariah and Melissa
Well all that snow is good for one thing anyway, wintery wedding photos! Amy and Carl tied the knot in Bolton Mass ... amid snowmen, twinkly lights, and sparkly trees. How festive! The reception was at the Nashoba Winery- an intimate and cozy spot on a cold and windy evening. I sent Melissa outside to take that fabulous photo of the winery all lit up at night, while I stood by the fireplace (taking reception candids- I swear!) Happy Wedding and Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Miami vs. Providence

Seriously. The crazy snow storm was a little traumatic(see photos on right). But we are lucky to have had the two days of sun and surf(see photos on left), so there are no complaints here, just observations: Miami wins!
Just want to give a shout out to all of the people from the Avalon Hotel and the South Seas hotel, thanks for all of you help and cooperation during our shoot, we appriciate it! But now we have to hate you because you are still there and we are here in the cold. But we know how hard you all work, so don't forget to take a minute and look at all of the georgeous things around you!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snap girls on location in Miami

It's hard to believe that we took this photo just 24 hours ago during our morning swim at the one and only Miami beach! As I look out my window now the snow falls and I wear a big sweater and my hands are cold. Bummer. No matter how wintery it gets, it's always summer somewhere else...
Check back next week as we will post more photos from our trip to Miami to photograph the Avalon and South Seas hotels. Say warm!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ya Baby!
Portrait of Will Munro at 7 weeks - Photo by Trish
It's shagadelic baby...what's not to like about laying on a shag carpet?! Will really liked it. This is a Snap! baby, we photographed his parents wedding and now we are back to capture this next stage in their life, thanks for having us! He is such a handsome baby and was quite an agreeable model, we will look forward to seeing him again!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

albums album albums!

WE LOVE ALBUMS!!! WE LOVE PHOTOS!!! I guess we are in the right business. I can't wait to deliver these books to their owners. Don't tell Courtney-but I am going to suprise her with hers tomorrow - of course if she's checking the blog I just ruined my surprise. OOPS. 90% of everyone we've photographed has done their album- that's amazing. It's not too late my little 10% ers, come and visit so you can have a beautiful book too. It really means so much to us that
our couples have an album to pull out and remember their day. I feel like Santa.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Heather and Jack and Baby on the Way!!!

Photographed By Mariah
H & J got married about 5 years ago- and now they are expecting a mini - Jack! I'm not sure their puppy Chloe is thrilled about it, or is she just relaxing in this photo? I cannot wait to meet the newest arrival. It's funny to think back to their wedding, they had a beautiful day at Linden place in Bristol. Now they have a cozy little house in pawtuxet village, 2 funny dogs, home improvement projects, and a baby boy due in february! Time flies. Congrats to one of my favorite couples! keep me posted....

The McCarthy Family

Photographed by Mariah
Wow! November is like a crazy Snap! reunion. I photographed Dale and John Mccarthy's wedding 9 years ago!!! Now they have two amazing kids who I completley enjoyed spending my
Sunday morning with. I said it before, and it's true- there's nothing like seeing my couples years after their wedding with families of their own. I love the continuing photo friendships ... just hope I am retired by the time their kids get married! HA!

Jessica and Mike's Engagement Photos (and Hailey too)

Photographed by Mariah
Well, the good weather is almost gone, but we managed to squeeze Jessica and Mike's photo session into one of the last nice days of the fall. J & M are getting married next September, and hailey (Mike's daughter) will be the flower girl. Hailey is very excited and only had to be bribed gently once with a trip to the Disney store. She is going to be an absolute princess - I can't wait to see her in her fancy flowergirl dress. Lucky for her she is going to be getting one fabulous step mom - not like the stepmothers at the Disney store at all! Jessica is so sweet and totally in love with Mike. I love the photo of her looking up at him!