Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beth Ann and Mark at Castle Hill Part Two

Posted by Mariah:

The bridal party was waiting back at the chalet for us so we headed over to finish up our formal photos. These are Mark's little nieces (a.ka. the flower girls)- they are so sweet.

Beth Ann and her sister Laura (a.ka. the MOH).

All the gals... don't they look relaxed? They're just relieved I'm not making them go outside and get blown out to sea.

The men.

Fav Photo of the day #3! Aaah, symmetry.

How many ways can we make the chalet look interesting on a rainy day?! Lots!!!

Okay- so I did make everyone go outside... it's raining but not pouring. Brave souls.

The whole gang- damp but enthusiastic!

Meanwhile, Melissa is sneaking around doing all the detail photos.

Castle Hill added a bump out tent for the ceremony because obviously we weren't going to be outside. It felt like we were though... the lawn looked really pretty and the light coming into the tent was beautiful.

Beth Ann and her dad.

Love it! Take that rain!!!

The I Do's


Mr & Mrs!

A little bubbly to warm everyone up.

At this point I realized it was not raining, though still extremely windy. We thought it would be nice to do a few more pics now that they are official. Melissa's photo.

Romantical... a Melissa photo too.

I really wanted a photo of Beth Ann & Tim "running for it". I think this was a fun moment for them too.

At one point Beth's dress practically blew over her head. Not the best moment for hair but love it anyway! It's a little Marilyn Munroe-ish right?!

I felt these guys had been cheated out of a sunny day so I wanted to do something extra fun for them. Voila! BTW, not an original idea- totally stole it from a photographer I admire in North Carolina. Have to give credit where credit is due.

Time for the party!

Beth Ann & Tim had a super cute first dance.

They were really enjoying themselves...

And they stick the landing! Score... TEN!

A heart felt toast from Beth Ann's sister.

Some sweets...

Dancing with dad.

The end!!!! Thanks for being so fun and positive, and for teaching me Beth Anne-eese, which is the talent for combining two words to make a new one. Like snap-tastical which is what your wedding was!!!

Friends and Family, want to see the rest of the photos when they are ready? Click HERE.

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  1. WoW- You SNAP! girls really capture the moment and get into the nooks and crannies too! This is by far my favorite blog~ever. Beth Anne was truly a vision to behold. Such a lovely bride! Viewing the pictures, I felt like I was there. Well I kind of was, in the beggining. Hope to see you ladies soon.
    P.S. I loved your about section of your website!
    Lynda Williams
    Formal Hair Design