Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Michelle and John at OceanCliff- The Finale!

Posted by Mariah:

A good adjective to describe the look of the evening? Luxe.

Every corner of the room was glowing and sparkling.

Our red theme was carried throughout the tables and the cake. This amazing cake was also done by Cappuccinos... alligators to elegant should be there new tag line.

One more kudos to Perfect Surroundings and Rentals Unlimited!

This centerpieces were insane!

A little bubbly.

Platinum Weddings includes a segment on their show called "The Big Reveal". Basically, this is when the bride and groom view their ballroom completely decorated for the first time. Unfortunately I was banished by the producer from this moment, but I think my shot of them entering is pretty magical anyway. Not sure why they didn't think my lurking around in the background wouldn't make for good TV. Hmphhh.

Raina, in her infinite wisdom made sure that I had all the time I needed to photograph the ballroom without people in it. Thanks Raina.

How do you like my sun flare action in the ballroom?

I love this little series of Michelle and John watching the antics of their bridal party as they are introduced.

I think this was probably an awesome moment for Raina... like giving birth or seeing your kids graduate college... she planned, she worried, she fretted, she gave it her all- and off they go!

All her hard work has paid off and is captured in this moment, how poetic. I like her little thumbs up.

What?! Thank you Mr. Video Light.

That twirling session came in handy.

Michelle is doing her angel thing again.

Good times.

Listening to toasts...

Can't recall what they said, although it must have been good. I was too distracted by all this awesome blue light!

1950 or 2009?

Still not sure...

This was a new move invented by Michelle's grandma. You'll see, everyone is going to be doing it.

Here's our beautiful Snap! Guestbook Folio in action with some of the shots from our photodate last spring.

The evening is coming to a close.

And a good time was had by all... including yours truly.

Michelle and John... thank you for trusting your genius planner Raina and hiring me sight unseen. I hope you love all of these photos and I can't wait to help you design your beautiful album.

I was sad to see such a fun weekend end, it really was Platinum, not because of all the beautiful things but because of you!


  1. These are absolutely the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever, ever seen (not that I am partial to the beauty of the bride and that handsome groom)! Mariah - amazing pictures, beautiful lighting, interestng angles! Can't stop looking at the photos. - Nancy B.

  2. Gorgeous! You've created some really super images here. Love the gown. Soooo elegant. Keep up the great work!