Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Walter and Joanna's Photolounge!

Posted by Mariah:

As usual... the good time funness (I made up that word) of the photolounge was appreciated by all it's participants.

This crowd was especially creative.

We laugh and laugh sitting in our office over all the photounge pics, it brings so much joy!

Disclaimer: Snap Photography does not condone be-heading babies in the photolounge.

??? Sitting to close to the band maybe? Not sure...

Snapper in love.


A Pyramid? YES!

The best part? Taking home your photos that night!


  1. there are tons of things to love about these photos and the wedding details (orange! so under appreciated is that color, don't you think?). but I have to say, I love mariah's shirtdress - it looks like the perfect shooting attire! crisp, flattering, and girly without being too restrictive. (I can image that it's easy to bend, stretch, and contort without any, um, wardrobe malfunctions, as they say.)

  2. thanks! yes it is an awesome dress. i got it at ann taylor and it does not wrinkle!!!