Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Snap! Blog Takes a Short Break

I know, how could we?!?!

But after much deliberation we realized that we were going kind of mental trying to get everything blogged AND shoot weddings on the weekends AND do our regular life with our families. So we decided that the only solution would be to just take the week and get our heads above water, in the office and out.

But not to worry, we'll be back into it soon enough...

We will resume with some First Snaps! starting on Monday August 30th and then on to Jen and John's wedding and then Laurie and Mike's wedding, see you soon!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inspiration from Joanna + Walter

Well, this is the last inspiration board from the 2009 season until after the new year when I start making new boards from the 2010 wedding season. It's always so fun to go back and look at all of the great details during those long cold winter days!

In the meantime enjoy Joanna and Walter's fabulous details from LAST July at Blithewold...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Katie and Peter's Mini Photodate in Providence

Posted by Trish:

I finally got the chance to meet Katie and Peter last week here at the office, we then headed out for a little photo excursion around Davol Sqaure. The evening light was amazing and we are so lucky to be right in the city with so many great little spots for photos! This is just a non impressive spot under the old highway. It's sometimes hard to tell people how great it is even if it's not a 'pretty' background. It's all about the light, doesn't matter where you are!

This is under the new 195 bridge, a weird sensation being under all of those cars going over.

I love the way she is looking at Peter in this shot.

So I actually did meet Katie once a long time ago for just a minute. When she was in college (Babson in Wellesly)she babysat for a good friend of mine who lives up in Wellesly.

When she left college and moved to San Francisco she met Peter, guess where he is from...Wellesly! Small world!

They are totally you can see here.

There was a lot of pressure here on me to pick only photos where Katie's hair looks good. But I can't tell, I feel like it looks good in all the photos, I'm nervous. I guess if this post mysteriously disappears one day we'll know why.

They are getting married at the new Ocean House in Watch Hill in October...cannot wait to go there!!!!

This is Katie's grandmother's ring, she offered it to her right after she met Peter, she knew he was a keeper. Not that she would have, but how could she say no after he presented her with this ring?!?!

Thanks for getting together with me in the city. See you in the Fall!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carolyn and Dan's Photodate in Newport

Posted by Trish:

I drove down to second beach last week to meet up with Carolyn and Dan who are getting married in October. I realized that this was my first trip to the beach this summer, in any capacity. So I was feeling lucky to have gotten the chance to be there and appreciate the beautiful weather and this beautiful place where I live, I love Little Rhody!
Look what we found in this clam shell...

They were a little nervous starting out, as usual. Carolyn was worried about Dan, but it turned out that she was more nervous that he was!

I would encourage couples to do a few tequila shots in the car before your portrait session, not really, but if it helps...

She doesn't really need tequila anyway, she's a natural beauty!

Is there anything more romantic than walking on the beach on a warm summer evening? I don't think so. Well maybe a few things but this is in the top 3 for sure!

See, the romance is oozing!

We were at second beach in Newport, it's so fabulous there, rocks, grass, sand. I guess that is what there is at every beach...but it seemed particularly fabulous to me for some reason.

Oh, I forgot to mention rose hips, lots of those too.

They will be getting married in October up in the Boston area, so these photos will be nothing like their wedding photos, kind of fun.

Oh man, that evening light is amazing!


Ah, the weeds never looked so good!

I figured I better get a few that actually show the beach and water in the background...

Oooh, hot stuff Carolyn!

What an awesome night! Thanks guys, can't wait to see you again in October!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Charlotte and Jonathan's Photodate in Providence

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Trish and Mariah:

You know how when you meet someone and you just instantly feel like you've known them a long time? Well that's how we feel about these two someones...
Charlotte and Jonathan.

We are very excited to be photographing their wedding next year at the Crane Estate, partly because it is a gorgeous venue that we have never been to, but mostly because Charlotte and Jonathan are so great.

I mean, really.

These guys are into all things snap!, which I must admit pleases me immensely. Snuggling, yes! Cute posing, yes! Funky backgrounds, yes! Working it for the photos, yes! Sense of humor, yes! These guys are like a snap! dream team.


So Charlotte and Jonathan met at the gym. Jonathan was chatting Charlotte up while they rode on the excercise bikes. Charlotte thought, great he's cute, smart, fit... but why is he still chatting and not asking me out? That's when she decided to take matters into her own hands and huffily ask, "Well are you you going to ask me for my number or not?"
Serioulsy Jonathan, what were you waiting for?

To add insult to injury Jonathan invoked the 48 hour waiting before calling rule...what?!

No matter, once Jonathan regained his sanity everything fell together nicely.

Clearly he adores Charlotte!

Charlotte liked this pose because she said it made her feel girly. Even those she's a knockout, she's really a jock at heart. Don't worry Charlotte we know how to girl you up!

Plus you shouldn't change, becuase Jonathan thinks your perfect and we do too.

Love this one.

We walked all over the east side, so pretty!

Charlotte and Jonathan moved to France for a year right after our shoot... we'll miss them, but what a fun adventure, for Charlotte anyway. Jonathan is French and his family has a home there. His Frenchness may explain some of that stubborn streak- but don't tell him I said that. I feel I can say that because after all, I have a son named Jacques. Oui, oui.

A little snuggling on the stoop before we call it a wrap.

This one is too cute.

Charlotte's request because her mom loves flowers. Who wouldn't love a girl this sweet?

Charlotte and Jonathan, hope you are having fun in France! See you next September! xoxox Mariah & Trish