Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amy and Scott - August 11th 2007

Photographed by Mariah and Trish

Okay, here is the thing... Amy and Scott are so cute that it's off the charts! It was so fun spending the day with them, they are really in love and are lovely people as well! I think that is what it's all about, finding that person that you think is so cute and you just want to tell everyone all about it.
The photo Lounge made it to the Glen Manor for an eventful evening of antics and fun had by their guests. We are giving out the "most original" award to the bridesmaids for their handstands in the Lounge, nice work. Did you see Joyce from Stoneblossom there with her husband?! Judy, Amy's mom work fors Joyce, and as perdicted, the flowers were off the hook! It was a sea of white orchids, truly amazing!
Rounding out the night was the crazy fun dancing, even Amy's grandmother got in on a few songs, go Grammy!
I don't think that I would be out of line in saying that it was pretty much a perfect day. I hope that Amy and Scott agree, we definately have the pictures to prove it, just in case there is any question.

Andria and Jay August 4th 2007

It was a hot and steamy Saturday afternoon at Lord Thompson Manor in Conneticut. If you've never been to Lord Thompson you are really missing out. What an incredible place! It was the perfect setting for Andria and Jay. Gorgeous, comfortable, and fun - just like them! From start to finish Andria and Jay had the time of their lives. Their super fun and friendly personalities really set the tone for the whole wedding. I've never seen people having such an amazing time. The ceremony was very sweet and sentimental. Andria looked absolutley amazing when she was coming down the aisle with her dad. I love the exchange between Andria's dad and Jay as he hands her off. It was so sweet. After the ceremony we got great shots of them canoodling and running through the little wooded path behind the lawn. They danced like mad- laughed - and sang along to Andria's favorite- accordian music! Another highlight of the night was the father daughter dance- anything but conventional! They started out with a standard and then broke out into the twist! Andria's dad is a world class twister. Andria and Jay's friends couldn't get enough of the photolounge. It was a huge hit. What a night!!! Thanks guys- we'll remember it for a long time!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Marie and Scott August 26th 2007

Is that a horse circling Marie's dress? No- just two Great Danes! Zephyr and Louanna wanted a portrait with Marie and then decided it would be really comfy to lay on her dress. We got the biggest kick out of them, they were like two giant babies. It was a beautiful night at Easton's Beach. Scott and Marie had a beautiful reception at the Rotunda. Their guests enjoyed the big red lobsters and everyone had a great time taking a spin on the carousel, especially the kids. Marie and Scott were so sweet to us, thank you for the delicious meal and the GREAT wedding favors which are making our office smell really nice. My favorite part of the evening was watching Scott and marie dance. I don't know what Scott was whispering to Marie, but whatwever it was it must have been really sweet to make her cry. Best of luck to you guys!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Melanie and Bob August 18, 2007

Photographed by Mariah:
This day was absolute perfection. We found the most beautiful spot in Bristol for Melanie and Bob's photos.
They were so cooperative! I had Melanie doing all sorts of seemingly strange things... and she agreed! I know she'll be happy with the photos and understand why I had her posing in the marsh and balancing on the stone wall. I really appreciate that she and Bob trusted me and just went for it! I thought I might be pushing my luck asking them to go out and dance on the dock- but sure enough they obliged. It makes all the difference in the world in the photos. Thank you Melanie and Bob! You were the best!!

Alyson and Anthony - August 17, 2007

Butterflies, Fairies...and Rod Stewart?!
Yes, it's all true! Alyson was absolutely stunning in her 1920's style gown and accesories, perfect for Blithewold Mansion, she really was a vision! This wedding was beautiful! Patty, the bride's mom did an amazing job putting it all together and everyone looked terrific. The four flower girls had the best time running all around and dancing like fairies on the lawn. So I bet you are still wondering what the deal is with Rod Stewart... well he was there too. (The younger version of him, not the current one) As a surprise to the brides Dad, they had him come in half way through the father - daughter dance and take over the singing. He was great, and the guests loved it! The rest of the night was all 'Rod" and people danced like crazy and had so much fun. I do think that some people didn't know it was an impersonator, and maybe still don't, is this ruining it for them? Sorry! Best of luck to Alyson and Anthony back in Florida!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Alexandra and Ransom May 27th 2007

Photographed by: Trish

Alex's heart is held for Ransom.... literally. It's a bad pun, but we couldn't resist. Alex was gorgeous and totally nervous! She has an amazing smile - probably due to milk?... I am guessing because she had milk and cookies passed at the wedding. So delicious! The smile was defenitley a direct reflection of how she feels about Ransom.

Ursula and Ramiro May 19th 2007

Ursulaand Ramiro are really sweet and in love. You can tell that they care a lot for their family and friends and it was wonderful to be included in their plans. They had a cold but gorgeous day in Bristol. Their caterer "Smoke and Pickles" was amazing. Just look at those desserts! It was hard to choose just one treat... so we didn't! Ursula had a really unique dress, she added the multicolored band around the middle herself. We love the sepia shots for them because they had a really timeless look to begin with.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ali and Andrew 7/29/07

Photographed by: Mariah and Trish
Wow, it was hot! But that's what happens in July, it's always better than rain for sure. In spite of the heat Ali and Andrew had a beautiful wedding day at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol. Many of the faces were familiar to us as we had photographed Ali's sister Stacey's wedding this past November. No detail was overlooked thanks to the fabulous Wendy Joblon who coordinated this gorgeous event! (that's her with her hubby sitting at the table) She has amazing taste and is so easy to work with, she makes sure that it all goes smoothly but is still so pleasant. We would recommend her any day of the week. Best of luck to the new couple!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Photo Lounge Mania at Belle Mer

Have you heard of the Photo Lounge?
People are absolutely insane for it. We've been working on the idea for a few years, and now it's really taking off. This is our swanky little tent, it's easy to put up and easy to take down. No special requirements for power - we just need a little space. What is it about taking your own photo? Guests at the weddings cannot get enough of it. They set up all kinds of kooky shots. It creates a buzz and guarantees fun. All of these shots are from a wedding we did in July. If you are considering having the lounge, I thought you might want to see some behind the scenes photos. Obviously, the guests aren't the only people enjoying the lounge. Trish and I managed to get in there for a few snaps ourselves. The looming figure standing above me in the photo is Stephen, he is our resident Photo Lounge professional. Nice job SP. As you can see, everyone is having a great time, us included. More lounge outtakes to follow. stay tuned....

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jennifer and Cahal's Wedding 7/14/07

Photographed by: Mariah

I had a great time at Jenn and Cahal's wedding. LOVE the Irish accents! All I can say is... CUE the sailboat! I arranged that! (ha ha) I will stop at nothing to get the perfect shot. Anyway, my hard work has paid off - Jenn reports the Cahal can't stop talking about the wedding and is thrilled with the photos. He is asking about photo thank you cards and albums. It's so fun after the wedding day to keep reliving it thru the photos. Mission accomplished. I love the shot of J & C in the photolounge. Too cute.

Lindsay and Dan Engagement Session 8/2/07

Photographed by: Mariah

I took Lindsay and Dan to our new secret spot in Middletown. Trish and I discovered this spot when we couldn't use second beach due to the red tide... YUCK. This beach is so much better. This is one of our two excellent engagement photo spots. The other is in Providence at Roger Williams Park (see Nicole and Scott photos.)

Lindsay and Dan are getting married in November- can't wait! I hadn't met Dan yet- and was excited to find out that he is a super surfer. It is my secret desire to learn to surf (not so secret anymore now that I blogged it). Anyhow, I am looking forward to getting some tips from Dan. Lindsay is a teacher, and I am glad she doesn't have my son as a student. He would be so in love with her that he wouldn't make it to 4th grade.

Photos Before the Ceremony? Here's Why!!!

Photographed by: Trish
Trish and I often encourage people to do their formal photos before the ceremony. I know, I know... you are traditional and want the big entrance as you walk down the aisle. Would you believe you can have your cake and eat it too? Believe it or not, it's been our experience that you can have an even grander entrance this way. Hear us out...It is much more sweet and intimate because you don't have to share it with a crowd of people. It is much more attractive because we will set up a "see each other for the first time" spot that will look amazing in the photos. It takes the pressure off you for the ceremony, allows you to BE at your cocktail hour and later in the season- buys you that precious daylight for photos that dissapears at 4pm! The proof is in the photos!