Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joanna and Walter's Photodate with Mariah in Providence

Walter and Joanna met me downtown last Sunday for a little stroll down Westminster Street and some casual photo-ing along the way...
I hadn't met Walter yet, because when Joanna came to meet me and book us, she came solo. I was looking forward to meeting Walter because Joanna is totally hot stuff and I figured Walter would have to be a cutie too... I was right!

I went scouting the street ahead of time...I was insane for this alley and cool bridge/ sign thing behind them. All I needed was some good subjects... check!

Romantical... How cute is Walter's hairdo?

Loving Joanna's awesome yellow shirt. She confessed she had changed her clothes a billion times- good call on the final choice!

Joanna and Walter started dating in high school and have been together 11 years! (There families are pretty excited about them getting married, I think there will be a lot of jokes about it "taking long enough" at the wedding! hey- there's no rushing these things!)

I love this spot too, rocking chairs in the city... a little unexpected.

Taking 5... this is hard work!

Joanna has the best laugh and smile. I was talking in my faux Joanna voice as they were walking toward me saying... "I love you Walter, I think your swell!" I think that struck Joanna funny! I think it helps to just go with the feeling of being totally dorky while I am asking you to do these funny poses/ walking etc... the best pictures happen when you aren't afraid to be a little goofy. Besides, it's just me so who cares?!

This spot is so fab- not sure what it is exactly... I know they show movies outside on that white wall... and there were some people playing bocce. It's a good spot for smooching too apparently.

These pics might be my fav though... I love the canoodling.

Joanna and Walter have promised to take me on their sailboat in the nice weather... so stay tuned for that- and of course the fantastic wedding next July- can't wait!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Amy and Jeremy 9.27.2008 at the Regatta Place - Photos by Melissa and Ara

I was super excited to photograph Amy and Jeremy's wedding. Amy likes a lot of the same things I do so of course she has great taste. The theme of the wedding was sort of vintage 50's, retro, and simple but beautiful details. Her vision for the photos was super fun, candid, funky and as I like to say "Ah-tsy". I knew that she and Jeremy would be up for anything as far as the photos went. Amy is insane for photos. It was looking to be a photographer's dream and then I saw the weather reports!!! RAIN! Thankfully is was on and off so we still got to do a lot of photos outside. The light ended up being perfect and we totally fulfilled their photo wishes!

Stupid Rain! Oh, well! It didn't stop us from getting some great shots...

These shoes are SO great!
A "W" for her new last name

This chair was great for photographing details! Love the bouquet!
The bottom of Amy's shoes
Putting on some lipstick before photos.
I thought this wallpaper had a retro feel to it. This is such a cute photo. Amy was so nervous.
We spied this cool mural outside of the hotel! She wanted funky and retro... I think we nailed it!
I love murals!!

Waiting for all the guests to make it out of the rain
Even the church matched the vintage theme! What a great shade of green!

I'll say it again, what a cool little church this is! It is the First Church of Christ in Newport.
My favorite door in Newport! I love bright colors.
Amy had this clear umbrella. So great for photos...

Detail shot by Ara
Amy's sister made this cake. I don't think I've ever seen a cake quite like this! Pretty amazing!

Entrance shot by Ara. I love Amy's veil.
I think this is a pretty sweet candid moment during their first dance
The secret ingredient in this salad... Rain water!
The crew of the Aurora were nice enough to let us come aboard and take some shots of the bridal party. They even posed for a photo!
Here's Jamie! She charmed the crew to get us on the boat. I didn't think they would let us, but Jamie worked her magic! Thank you, Jamie!
Jeremy and the boys
After it rains is the best time to take photos! People always think the sun is the best for photos, but nothing beats a perfectly timed rain fall.

The bouquet toss! These girls don't look like they are trying to catch it...
And they didn't!! Maybe they've seen too many garter disasters! Amy's friend in the pink dress picked up the bouquet when she found out there was no garter toss!
Here's Jeremy's mom dancing with Amy's mom in the rain! The weather isn't stopping these ladies from having fun!
It's everyone's favorite bridesmaid again! Here she is modeling the tee shirts Amy gave her bridesmaids.

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Leila and Steve 9.21.08 at the Glen Manor House - Photos by Trish and Ara

Leila had a very specific vision in mind for her wedding, afternoon tea party. It was fun to see all of the details that she had worked so hard on all come together to create the mood for the day. The weather was lovely and the people were really nice. You may remember these two from their portrait session in Providence. They were fantastic to work with, Leila is really good at posing and Steve is a really good sport and was doing a great job of 'working it' for the photos.

Leila's totally cool vintage style dress...

This music box held the rings, and was a gift from her grandmother.

Here's Steve doing some finishing touches with his proud Dad looking on.

The Glen was the perfect backdrop for her vintage style.

Ara got these shots of them seeing each other for the first time.

So romantical...

Leila was overwhelmed when she saw her bouquet, it really is beautiful. By Sayles Livingston of course.

This started out as a funny re-enactment of their prom pose, but the close up is lovely I think. YES! They went to the prom together and lived on the same street. But they didn't date until after college.

Here is the team.

In Steve's defense, I totally insisted that they/he do this photo! I mean, who doesn't like 'jazz hands'? I told you he was a good sport!!!
Honk. (by Ara)

The details are so fun!

The Ketuba signing in the upstairs room.

This might be my favorite shot of the day, I just love everything about it.

This is such a classic moment, I thought the vintage black and white really made you feel the tradition in this moment.

Now for the party...

Each guest got a tea cup and saucer with their place card as a favor.

The dining room really carried the elegant tea party theme...

Normally this area down near the water at the Glen is all grown with big green bushes and such, so it was new for me to see the driftwood and brush, loved it! I could have stayed down there for hours shooting pictures!

The cake design is based on the music box design... Well executed I thought!
They had a super fun first dance that I think they practiced for a really long time! It was fantastic and you could tell that they were having a really fun time!

The hora dance is always a little nerve wracking when people fly up into the air on the chairs, but luckily these guys are light weight so everything was fine.

Listening to the toasts. The best man gave a heartfelt toast about how they were nerds in high school!

The maid of honor gave a funny toast about Leila having a bad sense of direction.

What a cute moment, I think all couples feel such relief when they sit down for dinner and finally relax!
The Glen Manor, such an awesome place!

The bouquet waiting the in the ballroom for the dancing to begin.

Yummy cake! Although it seems a shame to cut into such a beautiful creation.

Normally I would think that this kind of photo is cheesy, but I am really liking this shot anyway.
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