Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Tail of Snap! and the Snoot

So, I was peeking over Melissa's shoulder yesterday when she was putting the finishing touches on Dana and Jared's photo date pics. You may remember them from a previous blog about their super dog- Lilly. I cracked up over these "out-takes." Lilly sure made us work for our photos- she is a little more human then canine I think. I can't get enough of her furry face. I thought you might enjoy these photos. I especially like the shot of her giving us a razberry. Pretty sad when a dog puts you in your place.

There once was a dog named Lilly
who thought doing a portrait was silly
she'd scratch and she'd sniff
till she got a big whiff
of sand and of sea
and dead creatures she'd eat
and drive the poor photographers mad!
We love you Lilly!
I know that doesn't exactly rhyme- but you get the general idea.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gritty City - Photo Date

Well, it was a beautiful weekend and we took full advantage. Cheryl and Attila are getting marrried in July, so we got together for a little pre-wedding photo practice session. They were great sports letting me drive them all around to 'work' some fun spots right around Providence, actually not too far from our office. Here is one of my favorites, I will post more later in the week. -Trish

Monday, April 28, 2008

Erin and Jack at the Glen Manor House April 26th

Erin's was really excited to put her dress on! Her bouquet is by Paul at Broadway Florist.
Erin has anazing eyes- one of her many very pleasing features! She really wanted this shot in the window.

That's me on the chair- anything for a good angle. It's fitting that Erin popped the champagne cork and poured a toast for everyone... she's a bartender!

In the dictionary under "Jack"... very handsome and sweet - adept at striking cool "man poses".

Love these shots with the maid of honor and best man. Jack and Erin have super nice friends.

Melissa took this nice shot of Erin on the stairs just before she came down the aisle. It's a classic but I really like her composition with a little twist. yes... Jack is crying!

These guys were great- they did whatever I said. Sometimes I dread the big bridal party because it can be like herding cats... but this was a breeze and really fun.

Can I get in on this canoodling?

This photo is one of my favorite shots of the day and was not really in my "plan" but I couldn't resist the beautiful backlight.

Melissa took this really nice entrance shot... think they are excited?

I've never seen a bride body surf across the dance floor, but there's a first time for everything!
Melissa and me at the end of the evening... It's a wrap!
So, I had never met Erin before Saturday... it's not often that I don't get to meet the bride before the wedding day. I would have been really nervous- but I had met Jack, the very charming and super cute groom to be. A series of "unfortunate events" kept me from meeting Erin... work, sickness, etc... so I wasn't sure what to expect. When Jack came in to visit me a few months back, I asked him how he and Erin met. He told me that he had met her at the bar where she bartends. Turns out he was instantly smitten with Erin-who could blame him? So, he summoned his courage and asked her out. Problem was Erin didn't want to date customers so she said NO. Not to be discouraged Jack asked her out again and again and again- for two years! It seems persistence paid off in this case- and here are the photos to prove it. Don't feel to bad for Jack though, it was revealed in the maid of honor's toast that Erin knew she wanted to marry Jack after only a few dates. I would say that they are of equal "smitten-ness" which is very important after all.
Here's the 411 on the details:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Photo Date with Lilly (oh, and Dana & Jared, too!)

Photos by: Melissa
We usually say it's all about the bride, but yesterday it was all about the bride's dog, Lilly! Dana and Jared were hoping to include their super cute puppy in their wedding. Since she might be a handful on the big day they are using the next best thing - Pictures! Lilly is a big dog in a tiny body. She may be itty bitty, but she's got some major personality and it shows in the photos. My favorite is the one of Lilly with sand on her nose! Of course we can't forget the real stars of the shoot, Dana and Jared! Unlike Lilly they did everything I asked them to do! I had them climbing rocks, standing in pokey reeds (Jared got up close and personal with one), and trespassing on the "private" cabana. Dangerous, yes, but it was all worth it! We got some great photos thanks to my good looking subjects! You guys did an awesome job! Can't wait for the wedding!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Michelle and Joe's Photo Date with Mariah

Road Trip! I drove out to Harwich MA to have a photo date with Michelle and Joe on Sunday afternoon. What amazing weather! I've never been to Harwich, so I jumped in the back of their car and they gave me an awesome little tour of Harwich and Chatam. It was so great to scout out the area where they'll be getting married in June and also get to know them a little on their own turf. Turns out, they have spent a lot of time hanging in Chatam, poking around the stores sampling the yummies and of course bumming around the beaches! We took some of these photos across the street from where Joe proposed to Michelle. I learned a lot about them- they were highschool sweethearts (AWWW!), they love Burritos (me too!), and they are going zip lining over the rainforest on their honeymoon. Michelle is freaked about by fish when snorkeling- but apparently doesn't mind dangling over a rainforest by a thin rope?! Very adventurous. M & J were great subjects- and did whatever I suggested. Thanks guys! On a scale of one to 10- this date was defenitley a 10!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Help! I don't know how to pose!

I had a conversation yesturday with one of our brides (who will remain nameless) and she was telling me that she is really worried about posing on the wedding day. She told me how she's been getting confusing advice about how to stand , smile, tilt her head etc.. etc...! I hadn't really considered that you ladies might be worrying about that! Of course, it makes perfect sense- you see all the fun shots and cool photos at our office and in magazines, and maybe you are thinking "I want my photos to look like that, but I don't know how to do those poses." Well- don't worry, we are here to help. We are going to give "gentle direction" on the wedding day. We'll give you suggestions - and you'll feel natural, never overly posed. You'll look happy and stylish and we'll have a good time doing it. I do have one peice of advice though, it's a cliche - but like all cliche's there is an element of truth to it... "you get out- what you put in" in other words, don't be afraid to "work it" a little! Trish took these photos of fabulous Kim in the hallway at Oceancliff. She just asked her to do a little twirl. Kim really had fun with it- and it shows in the photos. That's the key to getting amazing shots- be yourself, be playful, and have FUN!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cool New Canvas Company

While Trish and I were in fabulous Las Vegas we found an awesome company to print our photos on canvas. We're really excited to start using them. This collage of photos I took in Grenada will be our first order! This is a birthday gift for my sweetie- don't tell! Why am I posting this on the blog you might ask? Won't I ruin the surprise? Not a chance, he's technology - challenged! A canvas looks great hanging anywhere- it doesn't need a frame. The photo can either "wrap" around the edges or they can print a color along the side. It's really low profile- clean and modern. I love them- I have them hanging all over my house. Everyone should have a couple of their fav wedding photos printed on canvas, they come in hundreds of sizes from sweet and small to big and dramatic! Keep it in mind!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Simple Things...

Mmmmm....donuts. There is nothing like a Spring Time Sprinkle Donut to make your day right. Here is Isaac enjoying his on Friday afternoon after a long hard day of playing. Yummy. How cute is the sprinkle on the lip?! He eats it from the top down and chats and wiggles all around while he has his donut. It's the simple things in life that are so great!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Trish is too modest to toot her own horn, so I will take it upon myself to do it for her! She got this really nice note from Heidi and Otto this morning... you can see some of there wedding photos further down the blog. They got married on March 29th. Here's what they thought about working with Trish...
"Otto and I just wanted to write to thank you for being such a wonderful part of our wedding. You were more a friend to us that night than a photographer. We felt so at ease with you and we thank you for your cheerfulness, professionalism, and warmth. The shots that you have posted on the blog are outstanding... and we cannot wait to see more! Thank you for risking your life to get that group shot! You are truly our hero- your constant smile from behind the camera and your little reminders to breathe left us so comfortable. We are so looking forward to working with you on the final album. Thank you again for everything. Warmly, Heidi and Otto"
What a sweet and thoughtful note. Thanks for taking the time to write it... The affection is mutual!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thinking Outside the Backdrop

It happens every day, we are driving and see a cool location and say "Oooh, I wish I could stick a bride and groom there, that would make a great shot!" So in our travels to Newport yesterday we took a couple of pictures to illustrate to you what we are thinking about when we suggest different locations for your formal pictures. It's usually not what you would think of as a "good backdrop" for pictures. A big flowerbed sounds good but often does not translate well in a photograph, we are looking for good light, textures and lines. The below photos are a few examples of some of those ooooh moments. Usually the entire location is not what you would think of as picturesque, but the actual photo only captures a small portion of the area, so if you find yourself getting out of your limo into a crappy parking lot, just trust us, the light there might be awesome! This tree farm is on a busy road and does not look very inviting, but it photographs so well.

This is crappy parking lot mentioned above.

I love how random this chimney on the beach is. Bride and groom in the foreground...oooh.

This is one of those doorways in Newport that is so cool, it actually doesn't look this good when you are there.

Overturned lifeguard chairs in the beach parking lot create a really dramatic photo. I volunteered on this one so you could get the full effect.

We MUST get a wedding party to this spot with a surfboard, pronto! I am picturing a panoramic shot in the album! Any surfer couples out there? Which reminds me, be sure to tell us if you have a common interest or funny story that we could translate into fun and meanigful photos on your wedding day. For example, "We met in an elevator". Then you should have a cute little photo of yourselves in an elevator on your wedding day. Let's make it unique to you!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Fling

I actually saw my first daffodil sprouting from a median the other day while driving, it was nestled in amongst some evergreen shrubs and trash from the road, but it was there! Spring is trying to get here and we are ready! Mariah took a walk today during lunch and reported back that people are out doing their thing and the weather was beautiful. It's hard not to focus on the weather when you live in New England, the excitement of a new season coming is palatable. I just can't wait for no socks and no jacket!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bouncing Baby Bianca

Actaully she doesn't bounce, she just lays there. Anyway, I'm Auntie Trishy now!!! This is my new niece posing very nicely for her 2 week portrait this past Sunday, she's going to have to get used to it with me around! She is a perfect baby, of course, and we are all excited she is here, especially since this is a family full of boys, lots of them! Hopefully she will be into cars and racing...