Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maureen and Tim at Castle Hill, Part One

Posted by Trish:

What a beautiful summer night it was for a wedding! Since it had suddenly rained on us during the photo date session a few weeks ago this was a relief.

This is the veil, direct from India I believe, what amazing detail!

Bingy ringy. Nice!

Tim's Dad was the purchaser of all things from India for the wedding, apparently he had a wonderful time picking things out for the bride and groom to wear. Including a beautiful necklace for Maureen which she wore during the reception. I heard that these uni-shoes were extremely uncomfortable, not a surprise really...

A little toast with the best man before the festivities begin...

That headpiece is finally on, so beautiful! And heavy!

Here is Maureen going out the door to see her groom for the first time before...

I think that Tim approves of Maureen's beauty here.

I thnk that seeing each other before the ceremony always calms nerves.

It also makes it possible to get shots like these...

We were running a little short on time, so we just did photos of the two of them and planned to do the family after the ceremony.

This is my favorite shot of the day. Photos like this make me feel like an artist!

I couldn't decide wether I like the BW or color better, so I figured I put both up.

John got this shot of them walking through the garden, I like the motion.

I was just trying to be creative here and do something a little different, I like the results!

I'm so happy that we had this time to do these photos, it never would have happened like this after the ceremony and it would have definitely felt a lot more rushed, although we did this in only about 10-15 minutes.

I love these portraits, the way they would have been done 'back in the day'.

Oooh, just one more. I always do that, I say I'm done and then see something cool and ask for one more pose, I can't help it, I love snapping!

Now for the ceremony...

This is Maureen's niece and attendant...too bad she's not prettier. So kidding! Can you even stand how unbelievably gorgeous she is?! She's so nice too. I want her hair!!!

Maureen and her Dad ready to go down the isle....

Her other niece and Tim's nephews, so cute!!! John got these of everyone coming down the isle while I hung back.

The big moment, I remember this being the most emotional moment on my wedding day.

John got thse two lovely shots during the ceremony. Great light!

As part of the ceremony they did a traditional Indian custom of putting the sari over the brides head for a blessing and the groom ties a necklace onto the bride, made from one thread from the sari with a tiny cross on it. I love that her eyes match the sari!

Every wedding is well documented!

Maureen's dress was also made from faric from India, so beautiful!

Finally married! Woo hoo!

Hello minty lemonade, you look refreshing!

This is Tim's family, his sister lives in Australia and parents in Britain, so this was a special time to have everyone together!

All of the nieces and nephews, the kids are obviously very special to them.

This is Maureen's crew, she has two sisters and their names all begin with M, and now Maureen's new last name begins with M, it's magnificent.

I was totally in love with this little boy, there is just something about him. He also reminds me of my little guy, so there's that.

A beautiful summer pallet...

Check back tomorrow for the reception photos...

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