Sunday, September 27, 2009

Andrea and Zimiri at the Glen Manor Part One

Posted By Melissa:

OK so maybe you're wondering why is there a firetruck in the opening shot of Andrea and Zimiri's blog! I walked into the Glen Manor and the fire alarm started going off!! For a second I thought maybe I did something. A couple of minutes later a firetruck showed up! Thankfully it was a false alarm so it was back to "wedding-ing". Hey, at least it isn't raining!

A wreath by Snapdragons.

The back of Andrea's dress. So pretty.

Some bling on bling! One of Zimiri's friends told him that he had to stop buying such great rings for Andrea because he was making everyone else look bad.

Just when I think I've put the shoes in every place imaginable at the Glen I get a stroke of genius! I was so proud of myself!


How cute is Andrea!? I love her smile!

Here is Andrea and her sister, Ashley. Ashley is not only acting as Maid of Honor. She is also my little helper.

Some more beautiful flowers by Snapdragons

Just lounging before it's time to go down the aisle.

Our flowergirl! She was so excited!

Instead of having the maid of honor and best man sign the marriage license Andrea and Zimiri had their mothers do it! I thought that was sweet.

Going down the famous staircase! A must have shot for any wedding at the Glen Manor.

About to head down the aisle.

The big moment

Lisa got this great shot of Zimiri as Andrea was making her way down the aisle

Another shot from Lisa's angle! I can never resist the sun flare!

Lisa again! She was sneaking around the ceremony site getting some fun shots.

Finally a picture I took! I like the back row of people turing to watch the newlyweds.

Again!!! Yes, it went off again! During the ceremony! Thankfully you couldn't really hear it and it didn't happen during the reception. Whew! Andrea and Zimiri are laid back and fun so why not take some photos with the truck! After all it was a part of the day.

HA! Now that is funny!

Oh, could this be a future snap couple!? Andrea and I have already decided that I'm going to be photographing Ashley's wedding. No pressure on the engagement, but tons of pressure on hiring me! I want the chance to see everyone again!

I got this shot while we were waiting for the next group family to assemble for photos. Andrea was just standing there looking all cute so I snapped it!

Stay tuned for formals and reception fun in Part 2

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