Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Michelle and John at Oceancliff Part Two

Posted by Mariah:

The "I Do's" took place at St. Augustine's Church in Newport. It's a lovely church with a beautiful altar. Michelle and John had a family friend , who just so happens to be a priest marry them.

This little girl is studying my technique... she's thinking, "I wonder how that sort of out of shape lady can stay crouched for so long!"

I love this moment!

So happy!!!

Michelle's veil is so beautiful.

Next we are off to do some scenic Newport pics on our way to Oceancliff.

Romantical... you'd never know there are cars speeding by right behind me.

The whole family and bridal party is joining us at Bretton Point.

Michelle & her parents.

John and his parents.

Who doesn't love to be at the beach? The surf was insane due to Hurricane Bill, thanks Bill.

Love this one.


This is one of my fav moves.

I exclaimed, "This is the best bridal party photo EVER!" Sometimes it just all comes together.

Beautiful ladies in the breeze.

I told the guys... "Not too smiley, you know, do your handsome face."

These guys were workin' it! Love them!

Right?! I think they appreciated my extreme photoing moves to achieve this angle.

... and Raina- too pretty to be behind the scenes all the time!....

We arrived at Oceancliff to find the lounge all set up for cocktail hour... again, rentals by Rentals Unlimited and design and florals by Perfect Surroundings.

MMM. Oceancliff always does such an amazing job with the food.


A hairstyle change, a new accessory & a few more portraits of our bride and groom.

You can't have too much romance. I love this photo.

Practicing the swirl factor.

Time for some cocktails with friends....

Coming up next?.... all the amazing reception details and the party!

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