Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Isabella, Dan and Tyson Engagement Session

Photographed by: Mariah
Isabella and Dan are getting married next July at Eolia Mansion in Waterford CT. Eolia Mansion is on the grounds of Harkness state park and it is GORGEOUS!! Dan and Isabella wanted some fun summery photos of themselves and their handsome lab Tyson for their table numbers, so we did a casual shoot at the park. It could not have been a more beautiful late summer evening. Tyson is a really well behaved dog- he sat very patiently watching his mom and dad have their photos taken. I love the sad face photo of him in the garden. Kudos to Dan- next dog trainer to the stars (ceasar milan- watch out!) Dan is opening a dog day care in CT, anyone in need of as really great dog handler?- call Dan for sure. Isabella is so beautiful, she looks like summertime. Dan AND Tyson are totally in love with her- I can't wait to photograph them all on the big day.

Courtney and Ryan (Libby) September 22nd 2007

Photographed by: Trish and Mariah
Courtney has been making us look good for many years, giving us fabulous haircuts and color (don't tell anyone I am not really blonde). Now it was our turn, only Courtney didn't really need our help. She is stunning! We had the best time going to York, Maine for Courtney and Libby's wedding. Sure, we had to get up at 5am- but we'd do just about anything for Courtney. Our morning started out with a light grey sky- perfect for photos. We had a great time photographig all the Maine-ish details on the way to the Dockside. I knew it was going to be a great day when a love letter arrived at Courtney's cabin, from the excited, sweaty and giddy groom (his words!). The note made Courtney and everyone else in the room cry. What a sweet an amazing man Libby is. Courtney gave us plenty of details to photograph: sand dollar place cards- little pewter sea shells, starfish in the bouquets, the best cake decorations I've seen, and a candy bar that I totally raided (sorry Courtney). The grey sky turned to sunshine (just what Courtney wanted) and they left the reception by boat. Nice touch, picking Courtney up and placing her in the boat- thanks for "working it" Libby, but I am pretty sure you were probably just being your usual gentemenly self. Courtney and Ryan are obviously beautiful on the outside, but it was their even more beautiful insides that made them such a pleasure to photograph. Thanks for inviting us to Maine!

Dana and Kyle September 20th 2007

Photographed by Trish and Mariah
Do Dana and Kyle seem strangely familiar to you? You may have seen them with Neily their dog in a previous blog for their engagement shoot! Dana used 18 super cute pictures of neily at the beach as her table numbers, Neily is completely oblivious to her fame- and totally adorable. She made a brief appearance at the wedding for some formal photos and then retired to the comfort of her room at the Hyatt. Dana is wedding planner/bride extraordinaire- everything about the wedding was perfect. Getting married on a Thursday may seem a little out of the ordinary- but can you imagine letting all that gorgeous weather we had on Thursday night go to waste? The sunset was off the charts, and it went down just as the ceremony was ending. See what I mean about that planning? It was warm and breezey, but the wind didn't stop us from getting amazing photos- as Dana said "on america's next top model, they say you have to ignore the elements!"- great advice for all future brides, I'll be using that quote. Dana and Kyle were great models, gracious hosts, and a pleasure to spend a Thursday evening with! Belle mer was as usual breathtaking and Toni Chandler's flowers absolutely gorgeous. Everything was Picture Perfect!

Janelle and John September 16th 2007

Photographed by: Trish and Mariah
What two words describe Janelle and John? Fun loving and unique! They had a wedding that was totally them!
We took the two of them to a Waterplace park for a few photos, it was important to Janelle because it was the exact spot that they had their first kiss- and the exact spot that John proposed! At the reception John impressed us all with his "chops". Apparently he is an amazing drummer, super sweet and talented- nice choice Janelle! We all enjoyed several songs that he played with the band Manhattan Touch. At the end of the night, they had special headwear-check out the photo, can you quess where they went on their honeymoon? We had a really great day with J&J!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sarah and Marc September 15th 2007

Photographed by: Trish and Mariah
Who is that handsome devil with Sarah? It's Hudson... the goldendoodle. He was very nervous about his mom getting married. I think he wanted to lay down on her dress. The rainy start to the day did not help matters.... but.....half way during the ceremony the sun came out and when Sarah and Marc walked out of the church it was like they were walking into a brand new day.
There were other surprises too! Marc's mom hired a plane to fly over Blithewold with a sign that read Congratulations Sarah and Marc. There was a cool groom's cake shaped like a baseball that everyone signed- very clever! And Marc and Sarah had one of the best first dances ever. I think it was Sarah's super swirly skirt, and of course Marc's smooth moves on the dance floor. Who would have thought that after all that rain and wind that they would also have a gorgeous sunset at the end of the evening. Hope you guys have many more lucky days ahead of you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trish printing photos like mad....

Wondering what the outside of the photolounge and the finished product looks like? Wonder no more! Here are a few photos. These were taken at Cari and Eric's wedding at Belle Mer... their blog is below. Trish is having the best time printing out the photos. It's all she's ever wanted- to see her photolounge dreams realized!

Snapgirls in the Lounge....

Just some funny photos of me, Trish, and Melissa... passing the time while the guests are having salad. No, we are not goofing around during salad! We are actually testing the photolounge... which runs like a well oiled machine. Doing test photos is just another perk of our super fun job. I like the sad little picture of Melissa. She is crying because we left her all alone in the lounge.

Cari and Eric September 14th 2007

Photographed by Mariah and Trish
As you read this Cari and Eric are on their way to South Africa to scuba dive with Great White sharks!!!! What?! That pretty much sums up Cari and Eric's personalities, totally fun and up for anything...oh, and maybe a little bit wacky! We had the best time with them. Thank you guys for letting us take you "rock climbing and trespassing"! The photos are so worth it. Your photolounge pics are off the hook- it was a huge hit. By far my favorite part of the day was Leo the yorkie. Talk about big personality in a little package. Maybe you should have taken him on your honeymoon- I think he may have been able to scare away the sharks. I know I'd think twice!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Brooke and Hunter September 8, 2007

Photographed by Trish and Mariah
Where in the world is Weekapaug?!
We had the pleasure of a lovely sunny afternoon road trip to Weekapaug. I thought I had heard of it...maybe...but my brain is a little grey on the south county area. Luckily Trish has a really good sense of direction and an idea about where she was going. What a gem Weekapaug is. This is why I LOVE Rhode Island- all the fun hidden spots. Brooke grew up sailing around Weekapaug in the summers, so it was especially meaningful for her to get married there. She looked amazing in her mothers veil and dress by Jenny Lee Design (a new designer I am told).
Sayles Livingston did an outstanding job with the flowers (as always). My personal favorite touch from the wedding was the Vineyard Vines ties that the men were wearing - pink with green turtles. I love turtles! It's strange, but true. I may get myself one of those ties and start wearing it to weddings. So, we thought we were having a lovely quiet breezy afternoon and then it was time to go into the tent.... a surprise was waiting for everyone! Brooke and Hunter had the Right On Band as their entertainment. This band was completley off the charts! We've never seen anything like it. People were dancing like maniacs. The floor was vibrating and there was a smoke machine too. We thought we'd seen it all.... but we were wrong. What a fun night!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mary and Jim August 19, 2007

Mary and Jim had a sweet afternoon wedding at Regatta Place. The wedding party included Mary's children... (her daughter was her maid of honor and her son walked her down the aisle), and Jim's brother as bestman. But it was Mary and Jim's new baby girl that stole the show! She is so beautiful! Kudos to Mary for raising 3 really great teenagers. I know she and Jim will make terrific parents together. I can already tell that Jim is in trouble though.... his new daughter has him wrapped around her finger. I think he only put her down to dance with Mary! What's more attractive than a man with a baby?! Keep up the good work. And thank you for the yummy lobster lunch!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Carrie and Mark 9/1/07

Photographed by Mariah and Trish
What a sweet couple Carrie and Mark are! We really had fun working with them and going all around Newport to different spots for great photos! They were game for whatever we suggested, and the results are apparent.
We had some time in between the ceremony and reception so we made the most of it for sure! Although we are working and it's a long day, it is nice to spend an evening in Newport when the weather is perfect and we are overlooking the bay and the boats sailing by! PS. Yet another amazing job done by Stoneblossom, they rock!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Charleen and Jonathan 9/2/07

Photographed by Mariah and Trish

My head is still spinning from all of the excitement of the day! Where to begin? How about at Dunkin Donuts...after all that's where it all began! Since they met there, and Jonathan is the owner of the shop on Post Road, it was only right that we take some photos there on their wedding day!
One of the many highlights of the day was a toast by Jonathan's son who is 9, what a mature and well spoken young man! He made me cry, I had to pull myself together so I could keep taking photos, but it wasn't easy.
Shout out to the bridesmaids who were a lot of fun, awesome interviewing on the fake, but cooridinated microphone.
Charleen, hopefully you are reading this with your fruity cocktail while laying on the beach and doing nothing, except for going online, but this is important!!! We look forward to seeing you when you return, have a great time honeymooning!