Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lori and Mike's Photodate in Boston...

Posted by Mariah:

Our adventures in Beantown continue... next Trish and I are off to the North End to meet up with the very sassy Lori and her smart-alec sidekick Mike. I am photographing these guys in September and I love their ball busting ways! Mike and I hit it off right away because I told him that he looks like Anthony Bourdain from my favorite show in the whole world... No Reservations...on the travel channel. Turns out Anthony Bourdain really irks Mike, due in part to the mass quantities of cuddly animals he devours, because naturally Mike is a vegetarian.

Oops... my bad.

It is a compliment Mike, I swear! In fact I think I even have a crush on Anthony Bourdain despite the fact that his breath probably always smells like pork chops!
So, see... I meant it to be flattering!
Here are Lori and Mike at a pretty little park across the street from Faneuil Hall.

Ducking into an alley for a smooch- Lori is pleased to find out that Mike's breath is nice... like soy burgers and asparagus- not like pork chops.

I LOVE this photo. And- nice legs Lori.

So here's me creeping around an overpass over the Callahan Tunnel looking for a fun angle.

And- here's my shot! Love the sun flare! It's funny how a seemingly unassuming spot can look so fabulous in the photos...

Cute! Trish spied this wall from across the street. Got to love a painted brick wall.

Love Lori's skirt? Me too- J Crew ladies in case you want to pick one up too...

Just little old me lurking again.

Here's Mike leading Lori up the stairs to nowhere.

And here's some brod messing up my shot- "Hey lady, want to get out of the way? thanks."

That's better. Some people are really clueless.

Trish giving Mike and Lori some posing suggestions...

This one is another fav from the day. I love this little alley, it looks like a movie set, and here are my two superstars! The one on the left is a total diva.

But, their good looks really bring in the box office bucks, so what can I do?

Mike came up with this pose and I love it- especially the hand on Lori's hip... comfortable and casual- perfect-o!

This is only my third or fourth trip to the North End and I absolutely love it. There's so much to see, it's a little overwhelming and totally inspiring all in one!

This one is fun. I like photos in the city with people all around.


Bam! (I stole that from Trish)

They both look so good here! Superstars.

And here's me, the paparazzi!

Trish's shot. This little park is right behind the Old North Church.

Mike took this one of Trish and I! I was trying to re-enact Mike and Lori's pose but Trish wouldn't let me kiss her forehead. Real nice. I feel pretty rejected.

This spot is so pretty and quiet. It's fun that there are tucked away places like this in the middle of the hub and the bub of the city.

Lori's sparkly ring looks lovely hanging from Paul Revere's shutter! Lori's dad who is the official tour guide of Boston- will appreciate this shot with a little historical flare.

Lori and Mike bought us the MOST DELISH CANOLI on the planet! Seriously, I haven't stopped thinking about it since Saturday.

DISCLAIMER: Mike insists it is UNCOOL to shop at Mike's Pastry, which according to him is "where the tourists go." He bought these canolis against his will and is holding these boxes for us under duress.

Last stop on our whirlwind tour... the navy yard in Charlestown. Lori and Mike live right around the corner...

Love the city in the background! I also love that Lori is still smiling despite just having walked probably 5 miles in those heels.


The End! Trish, grab the canoli's and RUN!
Lori and Mike, Thank you for such a great afternoon. You guys were such good sports- and we can't wait to come back and visit you again soon! I am in for dinner- get Joanna and Walter on board and we'll all eat canolis until we pop!

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