Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aisha and Dave at Kay Chapel and Castle Hill, Part One

Posted by Trish:

It seemed like forever ago that I met up with Aisha and Dave in Newport to do their photodate portrait session. Fast forward a year and here we are at their wedding!

Word is that Aisha LOVES to put sparkles on things and actually OWNS a Bedazzler! How awesome is that?!

The shoes are also sparkly, of course! Although not homemade.

What a gorgeous bouquet, it smelled fabulous too! Created by Paul at Broadway Florist in Newport.

Whoa, pretty fabulous ring! Apparently Dave did this all on his own...nice.

Melissa got this shot of the rings not even knowing that corks and wine were part of the wedding theme...she's just talented like that!

Aisha's dress was so beautiful and feminine, just like she is!

The fabulous Robin McAloon did all the make-up for the girls, she's amazing!

Here she is in action.....

Not that Aisha needs any help to be beautiful but Robin really has a way of enhancing everyones natural beauty and making it pop.

Finally putting the dress on, so exciting!

Checking things out to make sure it's perfect.

What do you even say about this face...just beautiful.

I was so excited about this couch at the Viking Hotel. She really looked great on it, very regal!

I also love the weird twisty thing happening in the mirror, such a cool spot!

It was actually starting to rain at this point, so we probably would have gone outside otherwise. Although Aisha was horrified about the rain, I was pretty happy about this spot for photos!

Aisha with her proud parents!

And with her best girlfriends...

What a classic moment, love it!

So, while I was shooting the girls, Melissa was trying to manage the guys and get some photos of them. I say 'manage' because our Dave is quite the handful.
Here he is with his guys and their expressions express what it's like being around Dave, good times!

Dave wore his Dad's cuff links to honor him, as he had recently passed away.

Some examples of the 'many faces of Dave', Melissa had to yell at him and get him to be 'normal' for a few shots or else Aisha was going to be mad at him.

His mom asked me if we got ANY good shots of Dave smiling, as she knows he is kind of 'animated' in most photos. I don't think it gets much better than this mom...

The red was really fun.

Waiting for the go ahead to make her way into the church for the ceremony. Lots of anticipation!

I love her hair, done by Sandy Vileno.

The Kay Chapel is owned by the Hotel Viking and is behind the hotel, it's so cute! Nice clean and and simple lines and great natural light too. Melissa got this great shot.

There they go...

It was a beautiful ceremony... Melissa was creeping around the front.

I can't believe that in all my years coming to Newport I have never been here before.

This was one of three kisses during the ceremony, never too many! I love that Dave lifted her right off the floor! He's really strong and she's so tiny, so I'm sure he does that all the time!

We know Dave, you just married the girl of your dreams! You go!

They did it! Let's get some air...

But since it was raining (which by the way came out of nowhere, it was sunny when I left Providence) we decided to go back intot the church for some formal photos with the bridal party.

A great candid by Melissa, not easy getting Dave looking that natural!

I just like this one.

I thought this was kind of romantical...but it's a fine line between romantic and 80's so I was trying hard not to get confused.

This Kay Chapel is totally working for us here, such a great backdrop, I love the timeless look here.

This is my absolute favorite.

See you tomorrow for more formals and the reception...


  1. OMG!!! I love love LOVE them! You guys are the BEST photographers EVER!!! I am so over the fact that it rained on our wedding day! Thank you so much!!! What a great treat to get back from Barbados and see them!!! I can not wait to see the rest! YES!!!!! Aisha

  2. Photos are FABULOUS! Trish ... so glad I told Aisha she MUST meet you. As much as my marriage didnt work out, the photos sure did ;)
    You captured some beautiful images here, as usual. Since they met you, Ive been keeping an eye on your blog b/c I love to see wedding pics you guys have done. & shoot, with such a beautiful couple, what else COULD you have but pure elgance & beauty (the elegance comes from Aisha, not YOU Dave!) ;) Love you guys, Rebecca
    ps - cant wait to see the rest!