Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wendy and Mike - October 20, 2007

Photographed by Trish and Melissa
Trinity Church and New York Yacht Club
It was a georgeous day in newport! After several days of rain the week before it was not looing good, but the skies cleared and it was a go! Wendy had a very cool two piece dress and everyone was floored when they saw her, it was perfect. She and the bridemaids were all very emotional before the ceremony, it was so sweet how they kept weeping into theirchampagne glasses. The ceremony was beautiful and we quite enjoyed lurking in the balcony getting some great shots of it all. This shot of the wedding party is one of my favorites, it's so hard to get that many people to stand together and look interesting, I need to have a giant rock formation with me at all times I think.
So the tent was perched on the edge of what is one of the steepest hills around, and although it was obviously more than adequately secure, I was in a panic over the possability of us all sliding down the hill during the dancing. Turns out that it was indeed secure, as this group were total danicng maniacs! I felt bad when the wedding ended. Everyone, especially Wendy and Mike were having the best time ever and the dance moves were awesome. Just when I thought I had seen it all, they started doing an imaginary double dutch thing where the people jump in and out, it was great!
So best wishes to the Ryans and the Hinmans, thanks for having us as part of the wedding, it was a pleasure!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Asma's Mehndi Party October 14th 2007

Photographed by: Trish and Mariah

We had never photographed a Mehndi before- and didn't really know what to expect. We got to retire our usual black outfits, for something a little more colorful though! That was refreshing! Asma told us we'd blend in better in bright colors, so we added a little red and orange to our "photograhers" look. Asma had given us an itinerary, which seemed pretty involved.... but once we got there the vibe of the evening was laid back, relaxed, cheerful, joyful and fun! Asma looked amazing in her orange and yellow dress- I couldn't wait to see Steve's reaction to her. He had never seen her in traditional Pakistani clothes. The women all looked amazing, and entertained everyone with their beautiful festive singing and dancing. Iwas especially impressed by Asma's sister Sara and her 2 brothers who did a great job with their dancing. Well done! Watching them practice was hilarious. Steve's good friend, Dr. Steve also dazzled us with his dancing. It was so nice to see Steve's family blending so easily with Asma's. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. I know we did.
Lastly- I love the last photo in the series that trish took of the dancing- that's how it felt!

Asma and Steve Engagement Portrait

Photographed by: Mariah and Trish
We met Asma and Steve in Bristol for their engagement session. After many scheduling conflicts, and rainy days we finally got a perfect afternoon and spot for their photos. I'm so glad we waited! Steve looks very handsome with his blue eyes and blue shirt- and hello! blue background. He was a really good sport and kept us all laughing. Asma is so beautiful, she is a pleasure to photograph. This was a whirlwind weekend for them-
Asma's mehndi party was the next night... we were there for that too. (see above.) Can't wait for the wedding guys!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Julie and Stephane - October 13, 2007

Photographed by Mariah and Trish - Blithewold mansion, Bristol - Magnifique!
Well, we had quite a day with these two! They were so fun and so into the photos, Stephane is a total poser, but in a good way. Being a producer, he had some of his own ideas about various poses and shots we should take ie: See above left, groom 'lurking' in distance, and the black and white next to it, groom 'working it'. But I have to say that the more you put in the more you get out, and I believe that it has paid off, awesome job! Thanks for having us as part of the day, we had a great time with you. Julie was a real trooper walking all over the place in very high heals and an ankle injury, thanks for enduring the pain for the photos! Remember us this winter freezing here in Rhode Island while you are enjoying the sun out there in LA!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mariah, 2 Melissa's and the King of Serendipity

Last night we had a photolounge only event at a lovely wedding in Bristol. Randy and Melissa from Serendipity were the official photographers for the event. We couldn't resist peer-pressuring them into the lounge with us. We brought a prop box (as you can see from these photos- we don't generally wear boa's and devil horns to our weddings) and everyone had a blast acting goofy and taking there own pics. the lounge was a surprise gift to the groom - he loved it!!! And his mom and dad, who were the suprise-ers, couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. What a blast! Randy- thanks for putting that together for us! I hope we get to work together again. Hope Jody is feeling better, sorry we missed her!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thank You's.....

We are having a great season! We have gotten so many nice thank you notes lately, I thought I would share a few...

This one is from Cari and Eric:
"I wanted to extend our deepest thanks to you guys for being such fabulous photographers! Everyone, including us, loved your fresh atttitude, uniqueness, and what I have seen thus far, amazing photos. We couldn't be happier with your professionalism and pure passion for what you do. I cannot even tell you what a hit the photo lounge was, although, I'm sure you have an indication by the number of pictures that were taken!"

This one is from Isabella and Dan:
"The photos look great! We're so happy with them. Thank you for doing such a great job. We're thrilled we picked you as our wedding photographer."

This one is from Sarah and Marc:
"We just got back from the honeymoon a couple of days ago... and we checked the blog right away! It looks great!!! We are so excited to see the rest of the pictures! We had a wonderful time the day of the wedding...thank you for being part of it...both of you were wonderful. Thank You!"

This one is from Dana and Kyle:
"Our day was just so absolutely amazing! I really could not ask for anything more and I have to say, we enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you guys so much for an amazing job. I know I am going to love the pictures. The preview looks fantastic! I love it."

This one is from Courtney's mom:
"Sometims thank you words are not enough. Seeing your pics and blog were a wonderful sight to behold. You made Courtney and Ryan's day very personal, just what they wished for. people here in Florida want to know who took those beautiful pictures. they are dissapointed to hear you are not down here. You are artistis for sure! Thank you again for all your efforts and talent."

You are welcome everyone! Our pleasure!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Perrin and Jonathan 9/29/07

Photographed by Mariah and Trish, Westport MA.
Well, there are so many fun parts of this wedding to mention, it's hard to pick. But I think the highlight for me was the funny dancing at the end of the night, I had to put these photos in! It was a beautiful day, not sure what the rain plan was, but it would have made it a lot less picturesque, the weather was awesome. The wedding reception was held at the brides grandparents home in westport, what a view! I particuarly liked the grooms toast to the bride where he detailed the night they first met, it was very sweet and it's obvious that Perrin has done well for herself by marrying a man who is totally in love with her! But I think it's mutual! Thanks for having us as part of your day, enjoy sailing in the Greek Isles...yes I am totally jealous. Flowers by Sayles livingston in case you are wondering, awesome as usual.

Tim and Tina 9/28/07

Photographed by Mariah and Trish at Glen Manor House
It was almost to warm to be a Fall wedding, but we all seemd to manage through! What luck to have such a beautiful day for your wedding. Tina and Tim are a really nice couple, and now they are one big family! How lucky to have so many good looking and sweet kids. Oh and two super cute dogs too, who I believe were very offended to not be invited to the wedding.
I know that one of the highlights of the day for Tina was riding to her reception in the horse and carriage. Whenever I have seen it done in the past, there is always some reason why it doesn't quite work out, but this day it was perfect, and it looked so good for the photos! It's nice when things all come together like that, the rest of the night seemed to do the same. Best of luck to the new couple and family, enjoy Aruba!!!