Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Emily and Joe at the Sullivan House on Block Island

Posted by Trish:

So here we are back at Emily and Joe's awesome wedding...the whole gang. This photo really captures the feel of the Sullivan House and Block Island, vintage and relaxed.

The new beautiful are these girls. Their enthusiasm was fabulous!

Joe's family...

Emily's family....

So the details in the tent will knock your socks off! Cherese Rambaldi at Honour of Your Presence worked tirelessly to make everything fabulous. Here is the menu card...

She did an amazing job!!!

Every seat had the flower detail!

Coming in and seeing all of this was definitely a wow moment!

Each box was made by the bride's mom and sister who own a custom favor box company called 'Passion for Details'. They do some amazing things!

More great flowers from Joanne Gilmartin at Mums Flowers!

The kids table...I wanted to sit there! So fun....

I had never met Cherese before, but she seems to have outdone herself on this one!

Let the party begin!

Their first dance....

So sweet, Joe is very attentive and kind.

...and he even has some spiffy moves on the dance floor too!

She is such a beauty, I can't stop taking her photo, who even knows what else is going on...

Oh, the toasts. Here's her Dad with lots of nice things to say about his daughter.


Her sister Elizabeth trying not to cry too much!

There's the mom Susan, looking at Emily in such a sweet way. I believe that she is very proud of her daughters! And relieved that everything came together!

Sisters. So sweet!

I'm so crazy for this photo I don't even know what to say about it. I think it speaks for itself!

So does this.

Emily found these super cute customized cake toppers on, how fabulous!

Very civilized cake cutting ceremony, and of course the traditional kiss.

Emily danced with her Dad and got a little bit of help from the flower girl with her veil, so cute! What a dream day for a little girl, right?!

Then Joe had a really fun dance with each of his daughters, they are were great dancers!

Everyone! I was perched up on a ladder, on a hill to get this shot...and I luckily lived to post this photo!

After the wedding everyone was going to hit the beach for a bonfire. This is where they picked up a little candle to light their way...

And flip flops and canvas tote with a fleece blanket to stay cozy. They thought of everything!

The happiness continues...

These lamps had little lights in them that started to show once the sun went down, very chic!

The Boss Band from Boston was fantastic!

A full moon, what a gorgeous night they had!

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  1. I am in love with that cake topper... do you know who made this on etsy?? I am planning a wedding this April and would fit my fiance and myself perfectly. You can email me at Thank you in advance