Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snap! & Chat with Make-up Artist Robin Mcaloon

Well everyone... if there was any mystique left surrounding yours truly at all- it is certainly gone now. I am going to stick my ear to the window after I post this blog and listen to hear the collective gasp that is sure to follow.
I am really taking one for the team here- but it's important for you to know that I do it because I love you. See all that I have sacrificed? If this before and after photo does not make you pick up the phone and call Robin immediately, then I just don't know what else will...

The most frequently asked question we get here at snap is probably... "what should I do about makeup?" Followed up by... "I don't usually wear much and I want to look like myself." Followed up by..."I had a trial done, and I hated it!"
Trust me, I understand, but you MUST wear makeup on the big day- you'll feel great, look great, and it will make a world of difference in your photos!
(see photo of me above if you can stomach it.)
Robin can answer all these questions and concerns... we went to visit her to find out first hand what the Robin-experience is all about.

Robin says it's never too early to do a trial. "Brides want to know what the makeup style will be and they want to have the confidence that it will be what they want."
To do this, Robin tries to tune into their personalities. "I ask a lot of questions! What is their normal routine? Do they have a look they are going for? Did they bring any pictures? For the 'natural' brides I ease into the makeup that works for them. I won't apply to heavily and scare them. We can always add more. I don't push. I don't need them to do what I think they should do. I want them to be comfortable. I want them to say WOW when they look in the mirror."

Here's Robin working her magic... she gave me some really good tips while we were chatting:

Robin Tip #1: You know how when you apply your eyeshadow you always get the flakes of color on your cheeks and under your eyes? Dab on a loose powder across the top of your cheekbones and under your eyes. Put it on pretty heavy and just let it kind of sit there while you do your shadow, it will catch all those flakes. When you are done, just wipe it off with your brush!

Robin Tip #2 False Eyelashes!!! I have never worn them- but Robin applied them for fun. I wanted to get the full effect. I couldn't stand my own sexiness once she put them on! Hello- I never want to go out of the house without them now!

Robin says they can be applied individually for a more natural look- or in a strip for a more dramatic look. "People are afraid of the lashes- but then they do it and they LOVE the look. It adds a real pop to the eyes."


I asked Robin the number one most important thing we can all do to maximize our beauty...

Her answer? "Take care of your skin!"
The first step for a flawless face is a good skin care regimen. You need to create a nice canvas for the makeup. Dry flaky skin is really hard to cover up."
Robin will give you advice on how to prepare your skin for your wedding day during your first consultation.

Robin Tip #3 A smooth face to neck transition is important. Don't forget your neck! Robin put a little bronzer on my neck to match my face.

Isn't it weird? I actually look younger AND thinner. I love you Robin!

I know your dying to know more about Robin- here are some Fun Facts about her...

1. She'll travel anywhere to make you gorgeous!

2. Robin is a painter too, and taught herself all about makeup while working at a salon. She's been beautifying people all over the East bay and beyond for 10 years!

3. Robin will stay with you on your wedding day if you'd like her to do touch ups for photos etc. She has an hourly rate for that. She often finds herself being more of a stylist... looking out for out of place hairs, dress hems, cuffs etc... as well as making sure your makeup stays expertly applied.

4. Robin would love to get into the movie business and create big prosthetics because it's so creative.

5. She could do makeup for hours! She gets lost in it because she's so passionate about it. But, your bridal makeup will take about an hour... she knows there's a limit!

6. If stuck on a desert island with only one cosmetic to choose... Robin would pick lipstick! At first she was thinking blush, because she's so fair- but then resourceful Robin changed her answer to lipstick because she could use it on her cheeks and her lips! Smart!

Isn't she so pretty?

Want to look natural and glam all at the same time?
The only thing left to know is how to get a hold of her:

email Robin at:
Call her at : 508.397.3641
or check out her website
What are you waiting for?

The Snap-Cam Travels to Boston and Survives to Tell the Story...

Our latest installment highlights Karalyn and Erik who are getting married in less than a month! They are having a beautiful wedding at Belle Mer on February 21st, so be sure to check back to see their wedding photos the week after!

But in the meantime let's get to know them a little bit... They met at Quinipiac University where they were paired together to do a radio show, they dated for a while and then she went to NYC for a job after graduation. But then she came back to Boston to work at WBCN and they reconnected then. I guess it would be safe to say it worked out!

Karalyn had just returned from a trip to Naples Florida for her bachelorette party when the Snap-Cam arrived. Apparently she had to pay extra for her luggage because it was so heavy! See comparison below, funny!

Here is Erik posing so nicely with his favorite food, clementines! They are so good when it's so grey and cold outside!

Here's our soon to be bride posing with her Chiwowa 'Dutchy'. That is the best name for a dog, I love it! I wonder if he'll be at the wedding??? Maybe the ring dog?

I'm sure most brides have a desktop that looks very similar, a couple of things related to work and then the 'wedding binder'! Oh and of course a giant engagement ring, that's a must for every girl!

Here are a few shots that Karalyn took at work, very cool. Angles that the general public don;t usually get to see. So if you listen to WBCN, this is where it's coming from...

And of course the biggest news of our generation most likely... the inauguration of our new President Barack Obama! Such an exciting time, I'm so glad that she recorded this photo and that someone had the Snap-Cam on this day too!

OK, so here is the real info that the other brides need to know... She says don't expect the predicted 15% of your invites to come back as no's. As you can see below, Karalyn and Erik are very popular people and EVERYONE wants to go to their wedding, except for Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Perkins of course. We'll miss them.

Here is the Kitchen Aid mixer that she is not sure why she needs it or even how to use it. I can imagine that she's not the only one. But the look cool on the counter top, so whatever.

Last but not least, one the way to work the next day (with the Snap-Cam ready to send back) Karalyn was in a really bad car accident! She was side swiped and sent through a guard rail and into an exit sign and then into a tree! She says that she just feels lucky to be alive and says not to lose perspective during the wedding planning. I guess it's times like this when you realize just how fast something can happen and that things that seems important one minute suddenly are not in the next.
PS. This is the good side of the car- the other side is worse!!!!! OUCH

Well we are certainly so happy that you are OK!!!!!! And we are also glad that the Snap-Cam survived the accident so that we could get this chance to see your photos and get to know you before the wedding. We will look forward to seeing you then and rocking out some great pictures for you and Erik. Take care of yourself until then!!!!!

Joanne and Alex in San Diego Part 2

I felt so bad for Trish and Melissa being back at the office in cold grey Rhode Island while I frolicked on the beach with my camera in sunny So-Cal. NOT! HA!
Joanne and Alex had their reception in La Jolla (gorgeous!) this is the beach that the Inn overlooks. Joanne loves the beach, and the seals that like to lay around doing yoga moves nearby (more of them in a little while...)

The beach here is so different then the beaches at home, much more rugged. I love all the large rocks in the background.

Here's Alex doing handsome man posing- I didn't have to give him much instruction- he oozes cool (older sister being sarcastic). Seriously though, thinking of my brother as handsome is a little yucky- but he is pretty cute.

Alex is also a good dipper.
Groom Tip: When you are dipping the bride in photos or even during your dance... dip her toward the camera- not away from it, it's a much better picture.

I love this little portrait of Joanne.

Shoes are confusing I guess.

Here's me and my bro. I wanted him to jump for a wedding party photo- remember how I said he oozes cool? Well, apparently he was too cool for jumping because he wouldn't do it. Here's me attempting to show him how it's done. He wasn't convinced.

Pretty dramatic.

Here's the seals! They don't do much but laying, yawning and stretching. Sounds like my kind of afternoon, minus all the people gawking at me while I do it.

The photo on my left is probably my favorite pic from the weekend. It has such a sweet and quiet feeling.

More nature... this time pelicans. Maybe this was a risky photo to take?!

My two sisters (Mandy & Karla) and super-brother in law (Sparky) hanging out while we finish up the pics... think they'll rescue me if the seals decide to attack?

Just what a good husband should be doing after a walk on the beach with his bride.
(Groom Tip #2)

The view! Do I have to go back to Providence tomorrow morning?

Joanne makes a quick change into gown #2 for their big entrance.

This is Roma, Joannes best friend and maid of honor. They grew up together and now both live in California. Roma is getting married in August (Congratulations!)

Joanne and her aunties & mom. Aren't they all so beautiful?

The cutest little cake ever- and it was sooo delicious. It was chocolate with mocha mousse filling and some kind of crunchy little toffee bits on the inside. YUM!

No smashing here... I think that's a good sign.

Well, that was my adventure to San Diego and the excellent wedding of my brother and sweetie, the new Mrs. Ashley. I had such a good time and was so grateful that I was able to go and to snap away some fun photos for them.
I just have to say Alex, that I am so impressed with you. I kid when I make jokes about you being my pesky little bother because while you've been gone in the military you have really grown into a man that we are all so proud of. You picked a loving and genuine girl to marry and I know that you will be a great partner for her because you have all of those same qualities.
Congratulations, we all love you so much!
xoxoxoxoxoxo Ria

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joanne and Alex in Sunny San Diego... Photos by Mariah Part 1

Alex is my brother- he's ten years younger! I have always thought of him as a cute but somewhat pesky little brother. Because there's so many years between us... we grew up sort of separately (although I got in my fair share of torturing him while I could.) Alex joined the Marines a few years ago and since then he's traveled all over the world... I haven't seen him much in that time- he's been so far away and I've been busy snapping it up and being a mom.
Alex called a month or so ago to tell us that the next time he came home to visit he and Joanne would be married. Well, that didn't go over so well with the matriarch of our family, my mom (or Wren as we like to call her). After a few tears and some discussion... it was decided that they'd have a small wedding for friends and family. Of course I would have to be there to see my little brother get married! Joanne is from the Philippines, but she has some family in California... and her mom was trying to get a visa to come for the wedding too...
None of the us had met Joanne...but over the next few weeks we chatted on the phone and exchanged emails and tried to help her plan a wedding all by herself from another coast!
Need a photographer? Check!
These are Joanne's fabulous- and lethal wedding shoes. She drove from San Diego to LA to buy them... Alex says she has a closet full of high heels, she's really girly.
Did Joanne forget to arrange for a ride to the chapel or is she trying to run away from Alex? Neither! She's just clowning around a little before we go...
Isn't she cute in her short dress? This is just one of her wedding gowns! Her mom sent the first gown from the Philippines, Joanne thought it might be bad luck to try it on, so she didn't (until the Tuesday before the wedding!) It was a little too snug...She called her mom, who went out and bought another- this one. Now that's trust!

Here's Alex. I'm pretty sure that my mom is going to cry when she sees this one.
He looks a little bit like me doesn't he?

So cute! Alex is waiting anxiously.

That's Chuck the best man in the background... FYI Chuck was the BEST bestman ever!
Joanne was about to come down the aisle and he leaned over an said, "Look down the aisle buddy, this is what it's all about."
Cue the goosebumps!


Tying the knot.

Sealing the deal!

They did it!

I LOVE this photo! How adorable is she working it? Everyone should have a photo like this.


It was so nice to see how natural and sweet Alex and Joanne are together- totally comfortable and relaxed.

Joanne told us a funny story about how Alex had a lot of admirers when she first met him. It's pretty clear that he only has eyes for her though. Who could blame him?

That's my mom and dad. I think my mom can't believe her baby is married. I know she's excited he chose Joanne .

Alex was the kind of kid that always opened the door for my mom and was sweet and thoughtful to her. He never went through that phase where it wasn't cool to kiss her in front of his friends. I think he's going to make an awesome husband.

Joanne's mom made it! She got her visa and flew from the Philippines just in time... her plane arrived on Friday. She looks so gorgeous for just having travelled all that way!

Here's the whole Ashley clan. Yours truly last on the left. My fabulous brother in law Sparky is taking the photo (sorry you're not in it Sparks). You can see him in Part 2 of the wedding. He's pretty cute, it will be worth checking back in!

A little snuggling on the bench before we head for the beach! Yes, the beach in January- life is good!

It's too much really, all the cuteness.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we all travel to La Jolla for fun beachy pics and a fabulous little reception on the ocean...