Wednesday, February 27, 2008

snap girls on the job 2007

Suprisingly, none of these stellar shots made it into any of the albums this year. We just thought you might like to see our super serious side. Don't count on having any fun with us on your wedding day, a wedding is no place for that!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Heidi and Otto

Yay! The wedding is only 5 weeks away! (Gulp. says heidi)
We met up yesterday at Belcourt Castle in Newport for a pre-wedding portrait session. They will be getting married there on March 29th, so it was nice to catch up and go over all of the details before the wedding. I'm really looking forward to shooting their wedding, it's going to be a beautiful evening and I'm sure the bride will be stunning! They are truly such a nice couple and it's fun to see people in love and excited for their wedding...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Trish and the Family Fly South

It's true, I left Mariah for the warm breezes, sandy beaches and soft ice cream! My mom lives in Venice Florida during the winter months and we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy time there.
We went for ten days this year and were lucky to have great weather the entire time. Which was a nice change of pace for us. Last year it rained the entire time, we made three trips to the emergency room and wound up driving home in a mini van because of double ear infections in our son. It was a bit rough.
Actually something has happened every time we have a vacation or time off together as a family. So we were glad to have a more normal vacation this year! Following are a few 'snaps' from our trip...

This is Isaac, one of the future heirs to the Snap! Photography business. He is "ready to roll" - to the pool.

We saw this 13 foot gator... from a boat. He/She was just out in nature relaxing, not in a zoo!

This is my husband Jim looking for fossilized sharks teeth at Casperson Beach, it's addictive!

I think the 'Snapadamia' should be our new mascot! Although Mariah and I would eat them all!