Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Michelle and John's Rehearsal Dinner at the Eisenhower House

Posted by Mariah:

I was very excited to see Michelle and John again since we had such a fabulous time shooting their photo date last spring... I can't believe the big weekend is finally here! Michelle and her mother Gloria planned a phenomenal wedding weekend for friends and family with the expert help, advice, and style of their wedding coordinator and my new friend Raina of Raina Dawn Events.

Interestingly, Raina who is based in NYC found us when stumbling across our blog. Before her foray into event coordinating she was a photo editor for many years. I was so flattered when she called to say she was blown away by our photos.

The wedding weekend was made even more exciting by the addition of a film crew from LA- Michelle and John's entire weekend was filmed for an upcoming episode of Platinum Weddings on the Women's Entertainment Network. Their episode should air in the spring and it was so fun to be included and to watch the behind the scenes magic happen!

The theme for their rehearsal dinner was a classic New England Lobster bake put on by the best in the business... McGrath's Clambakes.

The amazing florals and table decor were done by Perfect Surroundings. Linens and rentals were supplied by Rentals Unlimited. Everything was executed flawlessly and stylishly under Raina's ever watchful eye!

Love the casual happy feel of the details. The burlap runner on the tables was a fun addition!

Nothing says summer like sunflowers.

Custom Koozies!

And a fun grooms cake for John because he and Michelle both went to The University of Florida! This cake was created by the talented staff at Cappuccinos. I love how the chocolate cake crumbs look like dirt from the field the alligator is chomping through!

So inviting!

Custom Coasters too- such a nice touch.

The signature drink for the evening, very clever to use their initials.


Here they come!

So excited to see everything. It really is so great to see your vision realized. I am sure it's hard to picture it all when you are planning the event.

They look pretty happy here!

Love these vintage postcard save the dates!

Every guest received a welcome tote, so thoughtful! The tote was insulated and I think will make a great little lunch bag later on... picnic on the beach anyone?

Heading to the tent for a peek before everyone else arrives...

Here's the platinum weddings film crew getting the first reaction to John's grooms cake!They loved it of course... Go Gators!

All of Michelle and John's guests are from outside Rhode Island so it was fun to listen to them inquiring about the quahog chowda!

A bib for the bride... she's going to need it, the lobster is just about done!

I stole these cuties for quick a portrait on the porch of the Eisenhower House, such a pretty backdrop.

Here's our couple with their parents- everyone is so happy! Such nice families.

The lovely Raina, coordinating with Tania of McGrath's for the film crew. How does Raina manage to be so glam and also run around getting everything done? Not sure, guess we'll have to watch the episode to find out.

The tent became more glowy as the sun went down.

The official videographer for the day... uber talented and all around nice guy... Mike Cyr from Buzz Media Company. You must visit his website if you are looking for something sentimental and artisitic!

John got to ring the bell to signal the clambake presentation was about to begin!

TR McGrath is a 3rd generation Clambaker- his grandpa taught him how to do it and it is an art form- truly authentic.... and seriously delicious. Okay, he explained that the lobster, due to the way that it is steamed for something like three hours, would be unlike any other lobster we had ever eaten. He wasn't kidding! It was the best lobster I have ever eaten... and I have eaten a lot of lobster! McGrath's has ruined all other Lobster for me- thanks guys.

Michelle and John getting their lobster lesson.

Unveiling the feast.

Ta- Da!

Don't steamed crustaceans make you feel romantic? Me too!

John is giving the lobsters a little inspection..
Side note: I had an interesting conversation with Michelle's cousin (a poor misguided soul) who informed me he does not eat lobster because lobsters are scavengers and he finds that gross. I asked him if he would be dining on the barbecued ribs then. He said, of course, i love pork! Well, Michelle's cousin, pigs eat garabage.. so not really sure how that argument stands up. Pretty lame. Lobsters rule- more for me! Ha Ha on you.

I think he approves.

Michelle dad gave a great welcome toast. I laughed and cried.

Speak of the devil... and a little devilish he is! I love a good sense of humor and Michelle's dad had a lot of fun teasing everyone including Raina!

Happy Lobster eaters...

So cute in their matching bibs!

The Eisenhower House looks so lovely in the blue evening light!
Love the little sitting areas scattered about.

Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the lobster (all except Michelle's cousin of course!)

A little singing tribute to the old Alma Marta.

Cutting into the alligator! It's fun to decapitate reptiles made of flour.

John and Michelle giving a little interview at the end of the evening.

So fun! Can't wait for tomorrow and the big day! We are off to a fantastic start!
You haven't seen anything yet, so as they say in the televison world... stand by!


  1. wow, awesome pictures Mariah!!! cant believe this is just the clambake! you got everything! it really shows off the night from start to finish. - JB

  2. Yes, absolutely amazing job! You are so talented and really captured the essence of the evening. Can't wait to see the pics from the big day!
    - Shannon Loewy (Maid of Honor)