Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aisha and Dave at Castle Hill, Part Two

Posted by Trish:

Aisha said "Trish why is it raining"? I don't know, I'm sorry!!! But no matter, we were on a mission to get some great photos and we did...

This is my absolute favorite photo of the day. If this was the only photo you had from the whole day I think it would be OK, it's just dreamy.

Since it was raining we went to plan B, stopping at the gazebo at King's Park.

The whole gang! We had to yell at the other guys too, lots of talking and funny comments! The rain let up for a few minutes...

The girls on the other had were well behaved, lol!

Man posing, this is THE move, Reservoir Dogs. Too bad the rest of the movie was so rough!

Thank goodness for this gazebo giving us a little cover.

Our Dave being Dave, he's such a nice guy that it was hard to be mad that he was acting up so much in the photos. We actually got lots of great ones of him looking very dapper!

Romantic...not to mention hot stuff!

Driving Mr. Dave

The red was so beautiful with the contrast of the grey outside, it created such a warm environment for a fun party!

These corks with their names and date are so cool. I love the wine theme, it really worked!

What fabulous centerpieces, so rich and bright. Made by Paul at Broadway Florist.
Aisha made these table numbers with photos of them at the age of the table number, how neat. I love the contrast of Aisha playing the violin and Dave posing in a Speedo, it's so them!

Aisha surprised Dave with this Fenway park grooms cake, made by Sin Dessert.

Dave's grandnother was a model at one time and she gave us a quick lesson on how to walk and then pose. She's still got it!

Good thing Dave plugged the wedding info into his Blackberry!

Castle Hill is such a great location, you really can't go wrong!

Melissa got this great shot during the formals. The light was so great!

Look at that water, looks so refreshing, although treacherous!

The good news is that Aisha thinks Dave is so funny, every funny person needs an audience!

How beautiful is this. Although the rain was kind of a bummer, it made this shot way more fabulous.

Here's Rick, he's the fearless food guy at Castle Hill, making sure that everyone gets their food piping hot and that everything is perfect! He does a great job!

The grand entrance!

Oooh, I love the twirling dress action!

Here they are listening to the three toasts, all heartfelt about what great people they both are!

Dave's brother gave a perfect toast, it was honest, sincere and thoughtful, well done!

Classic cake cutting, they look so good!

Aisha's Dad had some great Dance moves!

Here Melissa got plucked from the crowd by our groom and whirled around a bit! I love her 'oh stop it' expression in the last one, funny!

A romantic ending to a great day!

Melissa ventured out into the dark and wilds of Castle Hill to get this shot, she heard some rustling in the bushes and was worried the skunk might spray her! Luckily she made it out unscathed, what a great shot!

Two other people that really brought a lot to their day were the videographer, Mike at Artistic Wedding Group and DJ John at Rhythm Productions.

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  1. Trish & Melissa, they are better than I could have ever even imagined!!! Your plan B fixed the rain problem and gave us such amazing photos that captured the feeling of the day so beautifully!!! I am so happy! Thank you so much! BTW, I can't believe you got Dave to be serious for so many of these photos! That alone shows how you are awesome photographers!!! Aisha