Thursday, April 30, 2009

Samantha and Mike at the Naragansett Towers Part 2

Posted by Mariah

Our first photo stop after the ceremony is this beautiful field right off the main road a few miles from the Towers. I thought it would be nice place for the family pictures. It's one of our favorites spots, we've used it a few times... but it always looks different. Today, the sun was in just the right spot, and if there were leaves on the trees, you'd think it was summer.
Sam was just standing in this spot being her beautiful self...
Sam and Mike have REALLY nice families... everyone was so great and cooperative for photos. I tried to joke with Mike a little about cutting his baby sister some slack... Rachel has three older brothers! She tells me they can be a little over protective (I think that's putting it mildly). Anyway Mike did not appreciate my advice and says it's just his job to be breathing down Rachel's neck... sorry Rachel, I tried. And guys... you have your work cut out for you because Rachel is hot stuff- good luck!
P.S. I'd like to add that Mike's two brothers are single and looking for love (ha-ha)... so apparently it's okay for them, but not for baby sister...

Our newest snapper, Marisa took this great shot of Mike and Sam. I'm so proud!

My view...

Marisa is on a roll... she took this cute pic too.

One of my favorites of the day, just love everything about it.

Sassy ladies.

That's the Towers in the background...

I love the beach at this time of year.

Sam doesn't like the posed shots of people kissing through the veil (neither do I- it's a little cheesy) but this is pretty cute and spontaneous.

Gotta love me some sun flare right?

That's it for today... tomorrow I'll post all of Melissa's beautiful detail shots from the reception- she was busy snapping those while Marissa and I shot the formals. Also, lots of fun reception pics to post too, so stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Samantha and Mike at the Narragansett Towers 4.28.09 Part 1

Posted by Mariah

All week long I watched the weather because I couldn't wait to prove Mike wrong. You may remember that Sam's family has been afflicted with the "Neily curse" (a.k.a. horribly rainy weather for all Neily family functions including but not exclusive of: graduations, birthday parties, vacations, etc. etc.). When Mike and Sam and I were discussing possible photo locations Mike glumly chimed in... "It doesn't really matter because it's just going to rain anyway." Well, I am an eternal optimist and I just couldn't believe that Sam's wedding day was fated to be a wash out. So, thanks to the beautiful day...
the score is now optimism 1, Neily curse.... something like 440.
Sayles Livingston created the beautiful spring bouquets for Samantha and the bridesmaids.
A little something blue...

These gorgeous invitations were created by La Bella Rue.

Melissa met the boys for a few photos in the sunshine- how handsome is Mike?

Meanwhile, Robin McAloon puts the finishing touches on Sam.

I was wondering what was the story with all these french fries... apparently, Sam hasn't eaten her two fav's, french fries or chocolate since December! Mike sent over these french fries for Sam the afternoon 0f the wedding!

I love this picture. Sam is so beautiful, and just as sweet inside to match the outside.

The big moment...Mr. Neily couldn't wait to walk Sam down the aisle even if it meant doing it on crutches- he had a fall a few days before the wedding and injured his knee!
(that cursed curse again!)
Photos by Melissa.

Mike's uncle married them- I love this shot by Melissa.

Happy happy.

Really happy!

Having a little moment right after the ceremony.

I love the room at the back of the church, we waited here while the trolley took the wedding guests on to the reception... it was a gorgeous spot for photos and Melissa captured this fun shot of the ladies relaxing.

My view.

I was crazy for this archway.

Melissa's view...

Such a good looking couple! Yikes!

The other side of this door was all green and rustic- and I love it! Sam and Mike indulged my doorway fetish and put up with getting hit with it as people tried to come through it from the other side. (thanks guys!)

Melissa's gorgeous doorway photo... These are the front doors to St. Peter's of the Sea Episcopal Church in Narragansett.

Cue the wind please.

I am going to have to post this wedding in several parts because there are just too many fantastic photos! Coming up next, a beautiful field of photographs, snaps at the beach, reception details and reception fun... stay tuned!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Melissa's photodate in Bah-ston with Sarah and Zack

Posted by Melissa:

I was so excited for my photodate with Sarah and Zack for a couple of reasons. First of all I was looking forward to doing a photo shoot in Boston! I don't get to go up there as much as I would like. This was a special treat for me. More importantly I was excited to meet these two! Sarah and I have been emailing back and forth for a while now, but I had yet to have a face to face meeting with her.

I was imagining a good looking couple and what do you know!? I was right!

We made our way to the Navy Ship Yard. Zack is actually in the Coast Guard so this was the perfect location. I'm crazy for this photo!

Love it! I think these photos have a vintage sort of feel to them... I hope Sarah and Zack will agree with me on this one! That's the "look" we were going for.

So did anyone notice the height difference? Zack is 6"6' and Sarah is 5"4'!! Thank goodness for heels!!

Sarah and Zack are getting married in 2010 at Harkness Mansion in CT. I LOVE this venue! It's beautiful! Sarah is actually an event planner by trade. I'm sure with her attention detail the wedding is going to be amazing! She has exhibited good decision making so far especially in the boy department.

Oh, sun flare!! I love you...

Nose kisses!

I'm sure you've all noticed Zack's adorable dimples by now! Sarah seems to like them.

I wish that Sarah or Zack had a camera to take a photo of me taking this photo. I was all twisted up with a reflector in one hand and a huge camera in the other. I must have looked ridiculous because they were definitely laughing at me.

I was trying to get them to "cheese it up" but I think Sarah "over cheesed" by Zack's standards. Here he is teasing her a little bit.

Here we are at the scene of their first date, a bar called "Match"! And a match was made...

Finally Sarah gets to be the tall one! It suits her. She looks sassy! Zack is sass-ing it up in a manly sort of way.

Well, our photodate story was bitter sweet. As I mentioned before Zack is in the Coast Guard. As of Saturday he is on active duty. He'll be shipping out to Kuwait soon and won't be back until January.

In one of the first emails I got from Sarah she said "He is wonderful and brave and I still can't believe he is actually leaving!"
Zack, be careful out there and get home safe and sound!

Sarah and Zack, I had so much fun with the two of you! I hope these photos make you smile! I can't wait for the wedding and I'm looking forward to seeing you next year!