Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maureen and Tim at Castle Hill, Part Two

Posted by Trish:

Here are are for the second installment of the Maureen and Tim extravaganza! We headed off for a few shots with the water in the background before the first dance...

What! The light was so insane and orange, late August light is so lovely.

So dramatic!

Classic Newport!

Then they returned to the lawn for their first dance, fun!

Their good friend provided the vocals for their dance...

They had some nice moves, I think that there may have been some dance lessons...

Ooooh, cake. Who doesn't like cake? There is always someone actually, and I can't say that I understand it.

Beautiful arrangements by the always fabulous Stoneblossom...

Good times talking with guests, Tim has a great laugh!

There were two huge tables for the kids and this was their dinner...m&m's. Well not really, they did get some actual food, but they were pretty hopped up by that point!

I couldn't get enough of this veil, so beautiful!

Maureen and Tim were really cute together, I saw her looking at him in such a sweet way.

Tim's best man gave a roast/toast and we got all kinds of juicy tidbits all about him. I think the British accent made it sound even better.

This toast was thorough! Short and sweet was just not in the cars for Tim, too much material to cover! There was actually another stapled bunch of papers not shown here!

These are the two responsible for Maureen and Tim getting together! They had a dinner party and invited 8 women, Maureen was the obvious choice!

Cheers! (as they say)

Here is Nancy, the event coordinator at Castle Hill checking in with Maureen to make sure everything is perfect. Isn't she cute! She's also the sister of the previously shown matchmaker!

I love the parents photos with the cake and now theirs...

What a sweet moment.

They had the fabulous World Premiere Band, one of my favorites. They do such a great job, so professional and the music sounds fantastic!

Maureen twirlying around with her nephew.

Dancing with the new mom...

and the new Dad...

Then the dancing madness erupts during 'shout'.

Some late-might smooching, hollllla!

Thanks for a wonderful evening, it was so nice getting to know you!

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