Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beth Ann and Mark at Castle Hill Part One

Posted by Mariah:

Champagne and Diamonds? Yes Please! The sparkly-ness of Beth Ann could not be dulled by a little rain... okay, a lot of rain- okay practically a monsoon.

Still, I knew right away when I arrived that Beth Ann was ready to have the best day ever despite the horrific forecast. That's just the kind of girl she is- living life to it's fullest!!!

Sparkle toes too!

Sayles created these gorgeous bouquets in persimmon and pink with hints of yellow.

A gift arrived from Beth Ann from Mark while she was getting ready.

Lucky girl!

Yowza! The funny part of this photo is that the stone is called champagne.

Beth Ann is so beautiful, how about those eyes?

Getting into the dress.

Beautiful veil.

Sayles does such a great job.

Time to make our way over to Castle Hill, did I mention it's raining?

Mark is getting ready to see Beth Ann for the first time. Thank goodness they decided to do the photos before the ceremony! Photo by Melissa.

We decided to have the first meeting at the main house on the second floor. Mark is waiting patiently while Beth sneaks up the stairs behind him.

So cute!

Such a sweet moment!

A little quiet before the storm (pun totally intended). Photo by Melissa.

Fav photo #1!


We have to be a little more creative when the weather is bad- try to find some nice light and an interesting background. I had never been in this little room before at Castle Hill but it is surrounded by windows which made a great place for portraits. Photo by Melissa.

I liked the cool ceiling but had to get into a precarious position to get it...

See what I mean? It was worth bumping my head.

Fav Photo #2!

Oooh, but I like this one too.

Our handsome groom.

So pretty.

Another spot I've never used- fun!

This is Melissa's view (hers is better but don't tell her she gets a big head).

Also a Melissa photo- love it! The rain is blowing in but Beth Ann is brave and working it for awesome photos!

Stay tuned tomorrow for bridal party photos, ceremony, and reception!


  1. Hi to all of my favorite Snap! ladies - so fabulous to spend time with all of you lately. All of the pictures here are absolutley beautiful. Can't wait to see more!
    Nancy A. from Castle Hill

  2. Easy to believe the beauty of these pics....Beth & Mark are soooooooooooooo gorgeous and soooooooooooo much in love! A happy & long life!

  3. What wonderful pictures. It was a great day and these bring back great memories.