Friday, September 18, 2009

Lindsay and Scott's Photodate

Posted by Trish:

These two cuties are getting married in December, so we met up while the weather is still behaving to do some fun shots around Providences East Side...

They are clearly very much in love, making it easy for me to shoot some great shots!

Can you tell that they are both really tall? I actually felt short next to them, and I'm almost always the tallest, fun!

They shared their very sweet engagement story with me, Scott was a nervous wreck!

Cute as buttons!

Whoa, so romantical!

The East Side is chock full these kinds of great spots.

I knew that Mariah would be jealous of my sun-flare action here!

I love how they look at each other, so in love!

Isn't Lindsay's top so cute, I loved the flower detail, very fun!

Look at all those long legs, I guess that's what happens when you are tall...

Awesome doorways on Benefit Street!

Oh ya, Scott was working it!

How about Lindsay's hair, I can't stop looking at it, so luxurious!


I barely had to help with the posing, it was all them!

What a gorgeous day, it even looks kind of like Fall...

Then we headed over to a little cove near my house for some 'water in the background' shots.

No water, but these trees are pretty killer!

Seriously, I said let's sit right here and then they snuggled up like this! Let's not even talk about Scott's the hook!

I did organize this photo though...nice!


This little cove is so cute, then put cute people in it and forget it!

That's my boat in the background...SO kidding. Although I do have a trailer hitch on my Jeep, I have never actually towed anything but I would like to.

Lindsay and I had to stop talking about how handsome Scott was, we were embarrassing him. Sorry Scott, it's not our fault!


Can't wait to see you guys again in December for your sparkly wonderland wedding!

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