Monday, September 14, 2009

Karin and John at the Glen Manor Part One

Posted by Mariah:

When I first met John and Karin it was obvious that they have their own unique style and I couldn't wait to see what they dreamed up for their wedding! They assembled a dream team of vendors so I knew that everything would be gorgeous, but that was only the start!

How about the luscious bouquets by Stoneblossom?!

Little sweets in case anyone is feeling hungry... and by anyone I mean me. Someone was foolish enough to leave me in the ladies powder room with these baskets. Wonder if they'll notice they've gone missing.

Karin had her amazing gown made for her at Bergdorf's. It was a big secret and I couldn't wait to see John's reaction to it.

A girl really can't have too much sparkle after all.

So gorgeous, but even better on Karin.

John is British and apparently it is fashionable and customary for ladies to wear "fascinators" which is British for "bedazzling headband," I love it!

Bling... Bling... hello?!

Karin's daughter Stephanie helping her into the gown of many buttons...

Karin is so lovely.

Putting on the finishing touches...

Our beautiful little flowergal...

...and lovely junior bridesmaid. Isn't she gorgeous? She's just eleven!

Karin is multi-tasking here... posing for her portrait and also checking out the rain situation.

These are the three most important women in John's life... daughter Emily, wife Karin and step daughter Stephanie. I think he needs this photo for his desk at work don't you?

Another portrait of Karin, she looks so beautiful! Her dress is just stunning.

Ah, the handsome and mischievous groom.

The 3 "best" men at the wedding!

Having a little fun with John before the ceremony here... love this photo!

Beautiful floral details by Stoneblossom.

The rings in a little "love" nest.

The ceremony was moved from the lawn to the back terrace due to the rain... no matter it's a terrific setting. It feels like being outside without the sog factor.

Here comes the bride!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the ceremony and the reception!

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  1. This is so beautifully done it defies description. You have captured the essence of all involved and made it as gorgeous as the people themselves.