Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Snap Couples! to Snap! Parents.... The Simpsons

Photographed by Mariah
I photographed Greg and MC's wedding.... hmmm I think about 5 years ago. This is one of my favorite parts about my job. Watching a couple grow into a family. We photographed the twins when they were babies, and now they are super cute 2 year olds. I was so happy to get a chance to meet their new little brother. The kids were so cute and so full of energy. I don't know how MC and Greg do it, but they look great! Keep up the good work guys, and thank you so much for letting me be a part of your growing family.

Snapgirls on location... NYC!

Sometimes in the off season (although it really hasn't slowed down around here) we'll get to do some fun projects. Atlantic Stars Hotels asked us to photograph their beautiful property the Park South Hotel in New York City. It was nice to take a road trip- we stayed at the hotel which was great! photographed their rooms, lobby and restaurant the Black Duck.
Of course one of the perks was having an amazing dinner at the Black Duck when we were finished. We had to walk around the block a few times after dinner to compensate for that meal! Our compliments to head chef Hector Tice.
If you are ever in NY and need a great place to stay - definitely head to the Park South.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lindsay and Dan November 9th 2007

Photographed by: Mariah, Melissa, and Trish
So, Lindsay came into our office to meet us- and pointed to a photo on the wall of a bride and a groom snuggling with beautiful trees and soft light all around them. "I want that!" she said. "Of course, we will do our best"- we replied. There's just one problem- you are getting married in November and we will be doing the formals at 4:30 - sunset is 4:45! Impossible you say? I think not! Lindsay had faith, and it paid off. It was a little cold- but no mind. We sped from the church to the park, jumped out and got AMAZING fall photos of Lindsay and Dan snuggling under the trees. Mission accomplished. Everything sbout the day was smooth, thanks to fabulous Pamela D'Orsi Ryan, Lindsay's wedding coordinator. Lindsay and Dan are two of the nicest people, I think Dan must have thanked us about a dozen times. He is such a genuine, sweet, and gracious person. Lindsay's mom made us feel like part of their big italian family, and I think we managed to get everyone photographed on her Christmas list! Dan's mom belted out a stirring rendition of "I will survive", much to the pleasure of all the ladies on the dance floor. Lindsay and Dan braved the elements for some photos on the deck of the Biltmore and then danced the night away upstairs. Nice dip by the way! Hope you are having a great time in Puerto Rico. see you soon!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Asma and Steve October 28th 2007

Photographed by: Mariah, Trish and Melissa
This was an unbelievable day! October 28th and bright beautiful sunshine. Asma and Steve were so happy. It's hard to look thru their photos without getting a little teary eyed. They were both crying as Asma came down the aisle. My favorite moment of the day was when they got to hug and really look at each other right after the ceremony. After the ceremony and photos, the rest of the day was relaxed and fun! Their two families and cultures melded perfectley. The food was amazing and the dancing was contagious! Trish snuck Asma away from the party to take that beautiful photo of her on the lawn with her gorgeous dress. (Asma's idea to sit like that) way to work it. The newlyweds are in Bali for their honeymoon! Jealous? me too!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Album Extravaganza!

We love making albums! It's like Christmas every day atound here when Kevin our very enthusiastic UPS driver delivers our albums from the manufacturer. (stay tuned for a photo of Kevin if he slows down long enough for us to take his picture). We have had an amazing season filled with gorgeous photos. It is such a pleasure to see all of those photos, realized to their full potential- in a kick ass wedding album! We have a vision for the album as we photograph the wedding, and when the album is finally complete it really is a work of art. Thanks to everyone that has ordered their wedding albums- and for those who haven't....
what are you waiting for?!
These are some of my fav's from: Alyson and Anthony's book- love the yellow cover,
Liz and Matt- so glad you kept that photo in of you sitting on the table, so cute-
and Melanie and Dr. Bob- my fav photo of you on the wall!