Friday, May 29, 2009

Honeymoon snaps! Katie and Steve in Hawaii...

So, it's time for another installment of Honeymoon snaps! Woo- hoo! I LOVE finding out where our clients are going on their honeymoons. I LOVE to travel and so it's fun to live vicariously through my little snap buddies. Katie was particularly enthusiastic about her honeymoon... she and Steve went to The Big Island of Hawaii as well as Maui and Kauai. Apparently, Katie has been planning on a honeymoon in Hawaii since she was a little girl. How nice that she ended up with a super cute hubby to take along for her wild adventures. It looks like Katie took full advantage of her exotic location and tried just about every activity Hawaii could offer...

Here are the highlights:

Katie and Steve: thanks for sharing your photos! (You really should have cropped that nude photo before you sent it to me though... don't worry, I took care of it)... not sure if I can look at Steve the same way now though. HA HA.

Megan and Ryan's Photo Date at Castle Hill, Newport

Posted by Trish: These guys are getting married in just a few weeks, but we got the chance to meet up and do a little portrait session which I think was a great trial run before the day. Now they have their posing down and have gotten comfortable with the process and the camera staring them down. It's also fun to get to chat a bit and find out what's happening with all of the plans.

We ventured out to the lighthouse since it's a bit of a haul in a wedding dress but easy in sandals.

Too bad this location was so ugly...what!

The water view from up here is awesome. It's such a rich blue/green, I want to jump in!

Cute! poor Ryan was fighting the bright sun to keep his eyes open. He did a good job!

I think this is one of my favs from the day. What's not to like about a rustic lighthouse?!

Ok, they are loosening up here, looking very happy and cute together.

We got so lucky, Tuesday was a beautiful day and the rest of the week has been crapola!

Here's the classic Castle Hill shot with the house in the background, sweet!

And now with the lighthouse in the background...I love stuff in the background apparently. But I think everyone does, so this could work out.

We also hit the beach because they don't want to leave the reception to come down the day of the wedding. So this way we get the best of both.

More excellent posing... while being monitored by the Castle Hill 'guy'. If you are not staying there they don't really appreciate you traipsing around on the beach. But luckily we had the 'they are getting married here next month' card to use, whew.

I think that Ryan was really excited when this was over. But we had fun and it was nice to get to see them again and I look forward to seeing them yet again in June for the big day!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pia and Scott's Photolounge Fun...

Melissa and the photolounge were super excited to make an appearance at Pia and Scott's wedding at Castle Hill on Sunday. As usual the lounge was a huge hit... and we may have a new record for number of loungers in the lounge at the same time...18 (actually I think the record is 27 but 18 is pretty good!) We've said it before and we'll say it again...
Photolounge+ wedding guests = guaranteed fun!
Clearly this gentleman has had too much coffee, someone cut him off!
Pia and Scott! So cute!

These guys are my favorite... genius!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Inspiration...

Here is another fun inspiration board from Nicholas and Allison's wedding back in April. So I believe that they were going for a "Elegant Springtime Oceanside" feel. Although they had a rainy day I think that the mood still came through and it surely was all so beautiful, wet or dry!


Remember Karalyn and Eric's wedding from February??? Well here is the Cliff Note version of the mood they were going for. From this I am going to say she was thinking "Winter Sparkleland"...and it was!
We are going to do one of these inspiration boards from each of our weddings this year and post them on the blog from time to time. I think that it's so fun to see all of that hard work and vision come together in just a few photos that really show what the brides vision for her wedding was.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Andrea and Zimiri (and Ashley's) photodate with Melissa

Posted by Melissa:
I was waiting for Andrea and Zimiri on Thames St in Newport. I had never met them before so I wasn't sure who was coming. I saw three good looking people approaching me, but thought "That's not them. There's three people in that group". I was wrong! Andrea's sister and maid of honor, Ashley, tagged along. The three of them were heading back to Maryland right after the shoot

Here is my couple, looking all Newport-y on the docks. Ashley and I were making them laugh. She turned out to be a good assistant.

The classic portrait. Very cute couple!

Andrea and Zimiri are having their reception at Glen Manor in September. Andrea is actually an event planner at a country club in Maryland. Obviously she knows what she's doing because the Glen is beautiful!

I love the docks! Such a great locale!

Zimiri is working it!

It's off to the beach! Right before I took this photo someone hit Ashley's parked car in the lot!!! WHAT! It wasn't anything major thankfully! Everyone was such troopers though. The photos didn't stop for the accident. Ashley took care it so we could continue snapping.

And look at what a great shot we got!! Thanks, Ashley!

Are we in some tropical place? No, this is Newport in May! It looks so nice and summery.

Zimiri is very funny. Andrea must have a lot of fun with him.

I love how Andrea is all curled up next to Zimiri. After looking at all the photos I'd say that's her "move".

I don't know what it's called but that orange stuff on the rocks sure is pretty. Algae? We kept calling it mold which doesn't sound pretty. Oh, well! It works in the photo!

I told you he was funny!

Love it!

Here's the other photodate attendee I've been talking about, Ashley! I had a lot of fun with these three. Ashley is not the only maid of honor. She's also going to continue her assisting duties on the wedding day, carrying my bags and holding reflectors. Just kidding!

Can't wait to see everyone in September! You guys were so much fun! Hope the fender bender was the worst of the trip back home!

The snap cam goes Dancing with Lesley and Brett

The snap cam made it's way to the apartment of Lesley and Brett in NYC. You may remember them from their NYC photo date last month... anyway, let's peek into their lives.. wanna?!
Lesley has just come off of a whirlwind of three bridal showers! These little cookies were her favors at one of them.

Her friends made her a scrap book- and the page at the bottom was made by her mom. Lesley- you were such a cutie!

Brett's mom is a mad gardener and created this a garden for them on their balcony. Let me know when those tomatoes are ready guys- I'll be over for a salad!

Lesley and Brett at dance class! Can't wait to see their moves at the wedding in June! Who's that on the right? Their dance teacher.. Naza. I think I may want to brush up on some of my moves- ha-ha.

Here is Brett- he is a renaissance man. He cooks chicken and couscous and also takes care of all the home improvement projects- NICE!

This is Stewie- Brett is a big fan of family guy.He was a gift to Brett from Lesley in 2006- wow, that's a long life for a fish.

That was a big day- time to relax with a little vino. Lesley and Brett are big wine enthusiasts, they even got engaged at a vineyard in the Finger Lakes.

Thanks for sharing your day with us guys! See you in 3 weeks!!!!