Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lori and Mike at Linden Place Part 2

Posted by Mariah:

Connor, our ring bearer isn't so sure about all of this wedding stuff... he looks pretty cute in his little bow tie though.

The MOH...

Lori and her dad...

This is always such a great moment.

Frank Camera officiated the ceremony. This is such a pretty spot.

I snuck around for a few "big picture" photos.


Mr. and Mrs!

Love me some sun flare!

Ditto! How can you go wrong with Ruby slippers?

A few more portraits now that they are officially official.

We snuck upstairs for a few pics...

Time to join the party...

Still time for a couple of oysters though!

...and bubbly to wash it down!

This photo is making me thirsty.

Late afternoon light for the cocktail hour- sweet!

If you are like me you've often wondered... "What would a photo of a parole officer and a ballerina look like?"

Voila! Lori's brother and his very lovely girlfriend.

Past snapper couple- Walter and Joanna who were married (and snapped) in July!

The carriage house is such a fun spot for the reception.

Making their grand entrance...

First dance... you'll notice the lack of a "dip" photo. Well, I specifically told Mike to dip Lori toward the camera, but at the last moment he decided it made more sense to dip her toward the audience, Bad! Bad, Groom! (Not to worry we'll take care of him later).

Jennifer made a cute toast to the bride and groom. She thanked Mike for his endless patience with her!

Proud dad of two really awesome daughters.

A little harmless roasting of the groom...

...inflicted by his older brother... probably nothing new!

A little blue light dinner action...

Such a fun cake and yummy too, I had a nice big piece.

Dancing with dad.

Mike and his mom look exactly alike!

Here is Mike redeeming himself with the best dip photo ever! Good Groom.

And just in case that wasn't the best dip ever, here's one more for good measure.

The end of a fabulous evening.

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  1. Best Wedding! Best Couple! Great PiX! Had a Great Time! Ellen O'Brien