Monday, September 21, 2009

Maureen (Moe) and Tim's Photodate

Posted by Mariah:

Maureen and Tim's wedding is coming right up! These guys are our second Maureen and Tim of the season- isn't that funny? We'll call this lovely Maureen - Moe, so as not to get confused.
I drove out to Little Compton to meet up with M &T for their photo date. Maureen thought it would be fun to get a pic of them by this sign...
Boston is were they met, Little Compton is where Tim's family has a beach house and they spend a lot of time, and Newport is where they are getting married!

Tim's family has had their little cottage in LC since the 50's. Tim spent summers growing up visiting his grandparents there so I got the real behind the scenes tour. This is the vintage-y hardware store in the center of town. It's a pretty bustling place actually!

There are barely any street signs in Little Compton & I was riding in the back of Tim's car rambling on about photos... I think it was all part of Tim's master plan to keep this next location a secret. Apparently Little Compton-ites are secretive about their fabulous beaches.

It was the perfect time of night right before sunset and the sky was gorgeous!

Tim did some surfing at the beach during the last big tropical storm- luckily he didn't get swept away! I love the stones, but didn't love all the spiders so much that live in them. I've never seen so many spiders in one place. Good thing Moe and Tim didn't mind them, the were too busy smooching.

I love this spot because it seems like we could be in Rhode Island, or out west somewhere like Utah... or maybe the moon.

Sun flare, I heart you.


Love this photo the most I think.

Spied this spot on the way back to my car- it was not easy to get into this field but definitely worth it.

The light was insane!

This hay bale makes a great prop- wonder if it will fit in the back of my car? Tim be a sport and grab that will you?

This is definitely a love- love relationship... but .....then they busted out these T shirts and Moe wins because she has a Sox championship ring!

Can't wait for the wedding next month! (Yankees suck).


  1. Mariah! These photos are all so great! I love your creativity and original compositions, I would imagine that these guys will be really excited about their photos! Nice job! I have quite a few favorites, and I like your funny comments too, as usual. -Trish

  2. Gorgeous! Love the field shots - I love when you have to climb fences (or whatever) to sneak into a great place to get amazing shots!! ;-)