Monday, March 31, 2008

Heidi and Otto at Belcourt Castle 3/29/2008

It was a beautiful evening with beautiful and lovely people! Heidi and Otto were such a pleasure. They love each other so much and truly enjoyed their wedding together, it was so nice to be around them and to share their day, I'm glad I could contribute something so meaningful and I know that they will appriciate it as much as they do each other!
Although this is a serious photo of Heidi, she was having the best time getting ready, lots of laughs!

The natural light at Belcourt is awesome! They have beautiful spots for portraits.

The ceremony was at 6pm in the gothic ballroom, but there was still great light coming through the stained glass windows, it was so dramatic and romantic in there.

We made it outside for a few photos, we were crunched for time, but they were good sports!

The top photo was taken from the organ balcony. I made it up there to find these three little steep stairs and that it was a lot higher that it looked! Although I was freaking out and sweating like crazy, I got the shot! A personal triumph. The shot on the bottom was taken in the music room, cool.

The sword arch was fun, tradition has the last man whack the bride on the butt as she walks by...but I think he chopped her bustle right off!

Just want to give a shout out to Otto for making this dancing shot happen! They dipped the first time in the other direction, so when he realized that I was standing behind them he turned and dipped again without missing a beat. Way to work it, thank you!

The Details: Photos by Trish, Heidis Gown by Ana's bridal, Flowers by The Waters Edge, Catering and Cake by Morins, Music by DJ Job from Rhythm Productions and Location was Belcourt Castle in Newport.

Kara and Mike at The Atlantic Beach Club 3/29/08

Melissa and I found this awesome spot right behind Flo's Clam Shack. I love this shot of Mike and his dad- hilarious! Melissa took these...
Kara is amazing - she studied Southern New England Weddings magazine's photos! She really "worked it" for me in the photos- it makes all the difference in the world. Kara was a dream bride!

These flowers are gorgeous and the little garden at Pearls looks great even in March. Hello- this is March!!! Can you believe how lucky these guys are? Kara's flowers were perfect for her spring wedding- Grandiflora did an amazing job on all the bouquets.

This is my artsy shot- or Kara's "album cover"!!! "Live from My Wedding in Newport"

This is one of my fav shots from the wedding- Kara was so emotional coming down the aisle- and her mom and dad were so sweet.

This is becoming one of my favorite spots- the big gates outside Salve Regina- very dramatic.

The girls took off their shoes to brave 40 steps (which are actually 80, if you intend to come back up them!) Melissa took this shot of me "gettin my photo on!"

Kara challenged me to find anyone who loves the beach more than her- so of course we had to run out there for a few quick shots- did I mention this is March?- WHAT?!

The groom's dad wanted this shot- good idea! The Cote's were super sweet to us. Kara had to have this whale hat photo- hope Vineyard Vines will use it in their catalog!

Do you think the bride and groom will mind that I cut myself a slice of cake? maybe they won't notice. Cool shoe photo by melissa....

Last Dance and my suprise photo for Kara and Mike, can't wait to see you when you get back from your tropical honeymoon.
Here's the 411 on the details: Photos by Mariah and Melissa
Reception venue: The Atlantic Beach Club,
Getting Ready at: Pearls in Newport
Transportation: Viking Tours of Newport
Hair and Makeup: Wavelengths
Men's Ties and Whale Hats: Vineyard Vines
DJ: Randy, Aquidneck Island Sound

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anna and Ted's Photo Date - The East Side

Anna met me on a Thursday, and booked us.... the next day we had a "photo date" on the East side- right around the corner from our office. It was VERY cold, but the sun was shining and Anna and Ted were up for it! I think that Ted may be a little shy- so it was great to get a chance to work together before the wedding. Now he knows we won't make him do anything too "kooky" - and of course he will look very handsome in all the photos. Anna is hilarious- she is tiny and funny and her English accent makes her sound very smart! - at least Ted says if you have an English accent your perceived IQ automatically goes up 20 points. Of course, Anna actually is smart- she is finishing up her veterinary degree as we speak... congratulations Anna!
Can't wait for the wedding, June will be here before we know it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kim and Kevin 3/22 Highlights

Thanks to everyone for the requests to see more of the photos from the wedding this weekend! Here are a bunch, the entire lot will be online by the end of next week.
(search for 'Kim and Kevin" on
Kim is not only georgeous but she is A LOT of fun!

LOVE the green and brown, a great choice. Flowers by Alisa in Barrington

Kevin, our very handsome groom, seen here in the foreground... is wearing PRADA. hello.

Short and sweet.

A classic.

I don't think the wedding party was 'feeling' this shot as we took it, but I think it's creative genius!

Seriously, this couple needs to reproduce. Actually they are nice too!

Although we were under a time cruch, it was worth going to the beach for this shot alone!

And for this one. Thanks for sitting on a rock Kevin, I know, you were wearing PRADA.

Is this the cutest Grammy and Grampy you have ever seen?!?!? I think they had a great time at the wedding, they even danced at the end of the night!

We all really enjoyed the musical stylings of Russell, the best man!

Oooooh. Sunset. We nailed it!

No comment necessary... :)

Behind the scenes: Kim's Wedding gown, Kim's make up by Wavelengths Salon, Kevin's Suit by PRADA, Flowers by Alisa, Ceremony at Channing Memorial Chruch, Cupcakes by the Madhatter Bakery, Reception at Oceancliff, Music by Synergy, Trolley by Viking Tours
invitaions by Therese St. Clair

Monday, March 24, 2008

Kim and Kevin get hitched!

Well, it's official. Kim and Kevin are the best looking couple of our 2008 season. I'm not saying that just because they are the first wedding of the season, but seriously, they are really attractive! (Just ask Kevin) We spent the day with them on Saturday and it was the luckiest weather! But don't all the good looking people have all the luck anyway?!
They got married at Channing Memorial Church in Newport, and had the reception at Oceancliff. Thanks for a fun day you guys, have fun in Mexico and check back for more photos, I will post them as we work on them, this was my favorite so far and I wanted to share it right away! (Kim, I think I nailed it!)

Friday, March 21, 2008

We're back!

It's so nice to be home! We had a great time in Vegas learning all kinds of things and meeting lots of great people (hey Armin!)

The good news is that we have some great new albums coming your way! We will be offering silk and leather albums that come in all kinds of cool colors and are presented in a box, who doesn't like that?! More on that in future posts.

We are newly refreshed and inspired to shoot our 2008 weddings that we have coming up. It's always great to get the batteries re-charged and we surely did that at the convention. Not only are we armed with more technical information, but also new ideas and more creativity. We are excited to try out our new 'stuff'.

We have absolutely looked to other photographers in our business who are succesful and who's work inspires us, we have taken a little bit from each persons advice to help us enhance what we do and try to improve our own work along the way, we are SO appriciateive to all of them for sharing with us! Thank you, thank you!!!

We have posted a few photos of ourselves with a few of those people who inspire us...(in an attempt to make ourselves seem more important)

The convention was held at Bally's and Paris hotels, I wish we had a crepe place here at the office! Yum.

I guess this would be an appropriate cake topper for a Las Vegas wedding... If your grandmother isn't there!

This is pretty much what our scene was for most of the time, lots of seminars! This one was with Mike Colon.

Joe photo was nice enough to pose for a pic, Mariah was sick so she missed meeting him, bummer!

This is us with our hero Gary Fong! there is talk of changing photography to 'Fongtography'

A big face photo with [B]ecker, we learn something new from him every day on his [b] school blog

Mariah might have a big gambling problem, she spent and entire dollar at this machine... hey wait a minute, that was my dollar!

Friday, March 14, 2008

What happens in Vegas...

We are off to WPPI(wedding and portrait photographers international) in Las Vegas! This is a yearly convention where all of us 'photo geeks' get together and learn about all the latest and greatest things in the photo industry. We are so excited to learn and get inspired for the upcoming wedding season! We also hope to find some new album companies to work with so that we can offer a variety of cool and sylish books to all of our clients. Be sure to check back on Friday the 21st for photos and details of our trip.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Signs of Spring!

We ventured out today into the grey and damp outdoors to get lunch at our favorite spot, Olga's Cup and Saucer, just around the corner from our office. If you are coming to see us and need to get lunch before or after a meeting, definately go to Olga's! We highly recommend the Thai Noodles and the Tuna Melt, we have them a few times... Let's not even get stared on the desserts. But I WILL say that I have a walnut fudge cookie in my purse right at this moment. I'm waiting for just the right moment to savor it.
We were also happy to run into some tulips on the counter and some little budding flowers outside in their flower beds. Spring is coming, it's just having a hard time getting here! In the warmer months they have lots of outdoor seating and wonderful things growing all around, a lot of unusual plants and lots of herbs, it's a great spot to get out to and enjoy the nice weather, check back in a few months for those photos... Here are today's:

By the way, these were taken with my pocket camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3. If you are looking for a nice little camera this one has a great lens and is still pretty small, you must always have a camera with you, you never know when a great shot will happen! Right? -Trish

Friday, March 7, 2008

i (heart) snap! girls

So we were walking down the street one day on our way to lunch. Then from around the corner comes a UPS truck whizzing by with the driver yelling out "snap girls"! It scared the s#*@ out of us as we were just walking and talking and minding our own business.Anyway, that was the moment that the 'snap! girls' nickname was born. Thank you to Kevin our dedicated package deliverer, he has A LOT of energy!!!! He is wearing the t-shirt that we gave him for Christmas :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Announcing Our Online Gallery Show

We are having our first annual online gallery show which will open next Thursday! We have taken our favorite shots from each wedding we had in 2007 and created fine art images that will be for sale online on our newly created gallery page. All of the subjects in the show (ie 2007 brides) will get a special invitaion via email with all of the info on how to see them and when.
In the meantime we thought it would be fun to share some examples of the before and after images that we have been working on. We have said WOW! like a million times over the past few days of working on this project, it's just amazing to see what is possible. Enjoy!
Carrie and Marc on Ocean Drive in Newport (above)

Alexandra at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol (above)

Sarah and Marc at Blithewold in Bristol (above)

Erin at the Viking Hotel in Newport (above)