Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joanna and Walter's Photodate with Mariah in Providence

Walter and Joanna met me downtown last Sunday for a little stroll down Westminster Street and some casual photo-ing along the way...
I hadn't met Walter yet, because when Joanna came to meet me and book us, she came solo. I was looking forward to meeting Walter because Joanna is totally hot stuff and I figured Walter would have to be a cutie too... I was right!

I went scouting the street ahead of time...I was insane for this alley and cool bridge/ sign thing behind them. All I needed was some good subjects... check!

Romantical... How cute is Walter's hairdo?

Loving Joanna's awesome yellow shirt. She confessed she had changed her clothes a billion times- good call on the final choice!

Joanna and Walter started dating in high school and have been together 11 years! (There families are pretty excited about them getting married, I think there will be a lot of jokes about it "taking long enough" at the wedding! hey- there's no rushing these things!)

I love this spot too, rocking chairs in the city... a little unexpected.

Taking 5... this is hard work!

Joanna has the best laugh and smile. I was talking in my faux Joanna voice as they were walking toward me saying... "I love you Walter, I think your swell!" I think that struck Joanna funny! I think it helps to just go with the feeling of being totally dorky while I am asking you to do these funny poses/ walking etc... the best pictures happen when you aren't afraid to be a little goofy. Besides, it's just me so who cares?!

This spot is so fab- not sure what it is exactly... I know they show movies outside on that white wall... and there were some people playing bocce. It's a good spot for smooching too apparently.

These pics might be my fav though... I love the canoodling.

Joanna and Walter have promised to take me on their sailboat in the nice weather... so stay tuned for that- and of course the fantastic wedding next July- can't wait!

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