Friday, September 19, 2008

Stephanie and Jason Photodate in Providence - Photos by Trish

I had a great time with these guys on Monday shooting their photodate on Thayer Street. They were in town from L.A. doing some wedding stuff, so we had a small window to fit it in, luckily everything lined up and we had great weather and all was perfect. Their wedding is next May at Oceancliff in Newport. So it was fun to do something a little different looking from what their wedding will be, probably a lot less gritty and a lot more refined! Looking forward to it. Stephanie and Jason knew each other in college and then discovered that they were both moving to L.A. after graduation, so they agreed to keep in touch when they got there. They did and apparently it was meant to be, I love it when things work out! Here are a few of my favorites from the session... (I did both regular and vintage processing on these)

It's hard to see, but the sign says "private property" whatever!

Crazy city kids...

I was trying to capture the blue here, but the sun was a bit bright, it was 10:30 am.

Her colors for the wedding are green and blue, so that's why were at this location.

Jason did a great job posing, I know it can feel weird. They are really cute together...
ooh, more green and blue, how fabulous for us!

They were even game to sit on the ground in a parking lot!

I love this moment, this was right after a little smooch.

Yet, more green and blue. I love the reflection in the window.

Still so cute!
This is Mariah's favorite, the pose is kind of fun, and it shows off those awesome boots!

We were getting a lot of looks at this point, people were probably wondering which famous couple this was...
A good 'in-between' smile. They were always doing the same thing, both serious, both smiling, very in sync with each other!
What did Jason say that was so funny?
And scene. It's a wrap. Look at the cute dog in the background looking on...

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