Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Allyson and Ian in Manchester Vermont 9.13.08 - Photos by Mariah and Trish

So as you know from the previous post, we went to Vermont this past weekend for a fab destination wedding with Allyson and Ian. We rolled in at 9pm in the rain and fog, but the next day was a beauty! Clear skies and sun, what a beautiful place this is! I was so happy that we were able to get lots of fun "Vermonty" type photos for them, good times!
This is the front porch at the Equinox Hotel where they were getting ready and where the reception was. Very swanky!
Her dress was so lovely!
Mariah caught this great moment while preparations were happening...
We totally would have stolen this couch if we didn't have so much camera gear in our car! It's so cute and she is adorable sitting on it!
So I was over at another Inn getting the guys preparations. Ian had to tie 9 bow ties, he was the only one who knew how!
What?! His friend gave him a t-shirt with his prom picture on it...not only did he have two dates but he wore a blue suit with a ruffled shirt and white shoes, AWESOME!

This is Ian's youngest niece, she thought sitting in this chair was so funny!
Here they are seeing each other for the first time, then getting all of the formal photos done before the ceremony!
Her nephews couldn't stop hugging her, they had to pry him off, so cute!
Here is the whole gang with a very Vermont backdrop!
Ian waiting for the ceremony to start...
Mariah got this one of Allyson after getting out of the car, love it! I noticed that the priest was wearing Birkenstocks, how Vermont of him.
Ian is excited that they are married, or was it the kissing that is making him smile like that?
Mariah captured this great moment of them leaving the church.
There's our Vermonty moment!
Across from the hotel having a sweet moment.

A perfect scene, even some leaves for a Fall feeling...

They were getting tired at this point, but I thought that this was so cute!
My grandparents used to frequent the Equinox back in the day... my Grammy had good taste too! It's such a cool place.
This was the most amazing calligraphy I have ever seen. Each name had it's own embellishment.

Ian still a little surprised to see his ring I think...
The first dance.

What's the best thing to come out of Vermont? Besides maple syrup...Ben and Jerry's! They had a make your own sundae bar, woo hoo!
So Ian had a great idea. Smash cake in Allyson's face. No, wait. Maybe that is a bad idea? Luckily she is good sport, and he knew to give her a smooch to make up for it!
The blue light...
The Photo Lounge was rockin' as usual, we had a cute little nook popped out of the tent and everyone had a great time snapping photos all night. Check back tomorrow for some highlights...
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