Monday, September 22, 2008

Erin and Doug's Photodate with Mariah in Old Saybrook

This was the photodate that almost wasn't! Erin and I had to reschedule our date a couple of times, and we thought we had finally found a day that would work... until Braydon decided he should be born on Friday! Erin's brother called her Friday morning to tell her that her sister in- law was in the hospital and in labor! Of course everyone was so excited and couldn't wait to get to the hospital. After all, being born definitely takes precedence over a photodate! Luckily, Braydon decided that he wanted to make a quick entrance into the world and was nice enough to arrive before 10am. The photo date was back on! I packed up and headed to Connecticut to Erin's parents house. They have a beautiful home and gorgeous yard (Erin's mom works really hard on it!) right on the ocean. I was excited to get a sneak peek at the area because I will be back there in October for the wedding, can't wait!

You can't beat a white picket fence...

Erin and Doug relaxing on the porch...

How comfy does this look? I thought about taking a little snooze out here before the shoot, but we were losing light so I thought maybe next time...

Doug has really gorgeous blue eyes. He was very cute and natural in the pics. And of course he has the lovely Erin sitting really close to him, so that's something to smile about!

Some of Erin's mom's gardening handy-work getting center stage.

This spot is directly across the street from there house. I can't wait to come back here with the bridal party!

It was such a clear day, you can see Long Island from their house.

I am using a fun new 10.5 mm lens here. Super fun.

Erin wasn't sure about this grungy rusty wall that I had them stand in front of, but she trusts me (her words)... I love the colors!

This is a really steep sea wall that they are sitting on. Love the texture. Erin looks especially sparkly looking up at Doug.

I asked Doug to carry this big piece of driftwood back to the car for me. I thought it would look good in my living room. He wasn't really up for it though.

They did funny jumping as I was changing my memory card... Of course I made them redo it!

Erin requested this photo because Doug is always smooching her forehead, pretty romantical.

This is Erin' mom, who is not only a super green thumb, but also very sweet! Thank you for making me feel so welcome at your beautiful home.

Not only am I so excited to be a part of Erin and Doug's wedding- but I will be photographing the gorgeous Katie (Erin's younger sister) in May! These guys aren't going to be able to get rid of me! ha-ha!!

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