Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lisa and John at the Pine Orchard Yacht Club, CT Photos by Mariah and Sarah

Sarah and I made our way to Norwalk CT on Saturday to photograph the fabulous wedding of Lisa and John (see previous blog post for their photodate)! Lisa was busy getting her hair done when I first arrived, so I got to work on the details... this lovely bouquet was done by Bakes and Baldwin in Madison CT. Lisa is insane for orchids, she also wore one in her hair that her mom grew at home. Lisa's mom said that her orchid plant usually has a dozen blooms, but it only had one this time! Guess it was meant to be!
It was tempting to keep Lisa's engagement ring after taking this shot, but she would probably have noticed it was missing!

All ready to go! That's Lisa's mom and sister in the background helping her.

John waiting patiently at the church for Lisa, who I am told is ALWAYS late. He seems relaxed though... turns out he is ALWAYS late too! Not today though!

Wedding bands...

I just love this photo! Lisa, you are probably wondering WHY?! would I post a photo with the purple furniture store in the background?! I just get a kick out of it. Plus, you look amazing and your dad is so cute scrambling after your veil! Photo by Sarah

John was totally choked up as Lisa came down the aisle.

I love the look on Lisa's face. I gave this shot a Vintage treatment, it's a classic moment after all.

Husband and Wife! YAY!

I love the serenity of this pic.

Gorgeous church in Bridgeport CT.

We did it!

John really wanted this photo of the whole gang on the steps.

I was so excited when I saw this spot!

Off to the party!

This is Lisa with our friend, Pam D'orsi. Pam is a terrific wedding planner. Check out her website!

Love this simple beachy cake. Photo by Sarah.

The St. Lukes Steel Drum Band

How cute is this dock? That's the harbor master's little hacienda. I could totally live there!

A little smooching... Photo by Sarah.

The gang again!

I snuck around and caught Lisa and John practicing their dance in the office of the club. Isn't that sweet?

The best man was really freezing, he said that "hell must have frozen over" because John has gotten married!

Love the blue light!

More sneaking around... I was either going to become a cat burglar or a wedding photographer!

Lisa had a fun dress for spinning!

One of the groomsmen joined in with the band and he was really good!

It was a terrific party- and these two love birds have flown the coop for a 7 week honeymoon to the Pacific! Where aren't they going?! I can't wait to hear all about it!

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  1. I am speechless. These photos are amazing! I want to go back in time and snatch these photographers up for MY wedding!

  2. Wow! The photos are amazing. They are a great reminder of a fabulous day. Hope the honeymoon is just as much fun.
    Love, Lynda & Mark