Friday, September 5, 2008

Stephanie and CJ 8.31.08 at Ledgemont CC Photos by Mariah and Ara

Ara and I headed over to Stephanie's dad's house before the ceremony. The plan was to do some getting ready photos of Stephanie, and then CJ would arrive for their first meeting and some formal photos. Well, in true girl-ish fashion, we were running a little behind. Stephanie wanted her entrance to be dramatic of course, so she hid in her dad's room until everyone was ready. CJ is just across the hall, so I couldn't resist a photo of Stephanie hiding behind the door.
My view of Stephanie descending the stairs...

Ara's view! Fun!

Another from Ara's position...

And my view... it's so great to work as a team!

Stephanie's dad requested a formal portrait on the stairs... very sweet.

And here he is for his own portrait!

Stephanie and CJ are very cute together- I didn't have to coach them at all, just asked them to snuggle and this is what the came up with...



Heading in to the ceremony...

Stephanie and her dad during the processional... my view.

Ara's view!

I love this part of the ceremony, Stephanie circles CJ 7 times. It's very sweet.

Birdseye view from the balcony by Ara.

The recessional... photo by Ara.

and my take on it...

I love how happy Stephanie looks in this photo, and the light was killer!

Lovely detail pics by Ara... our friend and wedding planner extraordinaire Wendy Joblon helped Stephanie with all the details.

The grounds at Ledgemont CC are so beautiful, this is the enchanted path!

Stephanie and her mother in law having a fun dancing moment.


Even more fun!

Laughing at the toasts, or were they roasts?

Stephanie's dad and her uncles dazzle us with their musical numbers.

Ara is working it!

And getting worked over! (at the photolounge that is.)

But it was all worth it, check out the fun pics! Stephanie supplied her own props (that must have been a fun day at the I party store.

Last photo of the night of the die hard party go-ers!

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  1. beautiful pictures! and the photo booth was AWESOME!!