Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brenda and Bryan in Little Compton, RI Photos by Melissa and Marisa

What a great wedding! I've been looking forward to it for so many reasons! Little Compton, an antique firetruck, a backyard reception, super nice people! How can you lose!? I was also looking forward to it because my assistant (or as Brenda would say "Sidekick") was my best friend, Marisa, who is an amazing photographer. I knew we were going to have a good time. I kept saying to Marisa "She's a school teacher and he's a fireman! Isn't that great?" I was sort of obsessed with the cuteness of a teacher fireman wedding! And Little Compton could not be a sweeter place for it to happen! It's all really too perfect!
Having some fun getting ready
Bryan's mom bought this garter for Brenda. She is the littlest thing so it didn't even come close to fitting on her leg! Well, it's the thought that counts...
Can you believe this house? It actually belongs to Brenda's cousin's boss. It's right on the water in Tiverton
Here's Brenda with all her bridesmaids. They are all sisters and all Brenda's cousins.
Marisa took this funny photo of me taking a photo
The handsome groom and fireman, Bryan
The beautiful bride and teacher, Brenda! Brenda thought this wallpaper was a little if-y, but I was all about it.
What a beautiful job Sayles Livingston does! This broach belonged to one of Brenda's Grandmothers

When I saw these programs I immediately thought of Trish. She would do something super crafty like this. They were made out of fabric and each had a different button! So nice!!!
How cute are they?
Marisa was up in the balcony. She got this great shot of the lighting of the unity candle.
Marisa also got this shot. It was a request from the bride. Her parents were married this church and have the exact same photo.

I think they are happy!
It's the firetruck!!
How great is that?
I love these shots!
I made Marisa hang out the window and take photos of the truck en route. Don't worry about Marisa! She didn't get hurt and I slowed down for her safety. I love the cans tied to the back.

Here we are at Brenda's parents' house. This yard had so many photo ops it was hard to choose.

Everyone wants to kiss the bride!

Guarding the gift table! I love his bow tie!
The snap! folio in all its glory!

Cake shot by Marisa
Marisa also got this entrance shot. Pretty cute!
First Dance...

We went outside to take some more shots after dinner. I love this barn!

Bryan was doing some of his own snap-ing!

More Cowbell!!!

Air Guitar!!
I said more cowbell!!
I love this one of Bryan and his nephew, Colby.
Last shot of the night!

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