Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Allison and Andy at Belle Mer 8.29.2008 Photos by Mariah and Melissa

Friday was a spectacular day, and the kick off to our very busy holiday weekend. You may remember Allison and Andy from their previous blog appearance, i.e. their fab photo date in Newport. Well, we were in Newport this time too, only this time the shoes were a little more snazzy...

Allison getting ready, I love this shot through her veil.

Allison was staying at the Hyatt on Goat Island. They recently went under major renovations. The suite was really nice- and I was especially excited about this blue wall. Allison is doing nice "fashion posing" here. And I love the high- tech studio lighting of the wall sconce! ha-ha.

This is Brooke, the flower girl. She's 6. I got a kick out of her, my daughter is 6 too. Normally, Brooke does not enjoy having her golden locks brushed, but she sat very patiently for the hairdressers while they gave her an up-do. Nice work Brooke. Photo by Melissa.

Does this scream Newport?

This is St. Barnabus church in Portsmouth. It's very colorful. Here's Allison setting a dramatic entrance...

Sneaking a peek at Andy - very cute.


Cliff walk revisited... de ja vu! (we went here for their photo date too!)

Allison was very brave to step out onto the ledge. What I really wanted was a photo of them holding hands and jumping into the ocean... I didn't ask because I figured that might be pushing it.

Arriving at the Island House.

Lovely details of Allison's orange accents... Photos by Melissa.

The ladies had on the coolest dresses. Allison asked them to pick between orange or purple- and they chose evenly! The top of the dress was made from long pieces of stretchy fabric which they could wrap, twist, and tie into any configuration. Cool!

The men... very handsome!

The whole party- and after this shot the kids have a total meltdown. It's a wrap!

The Fredette's...

A little snuggling between group photos... Photo by Melissa.

Allison is so pretty. She has a teenie tiny waist and her skin is flawless, not a bad combination.

So, after that photo of Allison, I turned around and looked up... what?!

These are the Wilson's. I think they might be photo- phobic or something. They were hands down the hardest group I've ever had to wrangle, they were scattered all over the cocktail hour and when I would get one or two of them- the others would disappear! But, it was worth the effort in the end for Mrs. Wilson to get her Christmas card picture!

Heading into the tent...

A little smooching before dinner.

Aaahhh, blue light.

Happy Birthday! A surprise cake for Andy's mom.

Good times. I guess Andy and Alison spend a lot of time dancing in their condo. Someone gave a toast and said that Andy didn't want to buy dining room furniture because then they would lose their dance floor. I think that might be one of the best things I've ever heard.

I don't mind getting into some precarious positions for a good shot. What could I possibly be doing here though? Photo by Melissa.

Ta Da! I love twinkles! The end.

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  1. With each picture, all I could say was "Ahhhhh". How beautiful!!

    I thought of you the entire day of your wedding.


    Sue Cooper