Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jack and Doris 50th Wedding Anniversary Party at Rosecliff Mansion 9.6.08 - Photos by Trish and Melissa

This is what it's all about! Jack and Doris celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday. Exactly 50 years ago almost to the minute they were married on this day. Congratulations! What a wonderful thing to see a happy couple married for so long. I hope that I will be retired by the time our current clients celebrate their 50ths, but if not give me a call and I will come and take photos for you.

Although there was a hurricane we were able to get all of our equipment in during the lull in the action. Can say the same for the end of the night though.

Another amazing event by Wendy Joblon, she has impeccable taste every time!!! (Detail photos by Melissa)
The flowers by Flora were really spectacular!
What an amazing place Rosecliff is, so dramatic!
Guests were seated in both rooms.
All the grandchildren, 8 girls and 1 boy!
Jack is actually of average height, he was just standing on this step ladder so that he could see all of his guests as he made a toast to his friends, family and lovely bride.

They had a fantastic slide show of photos from when they were kids all the way up tot he present.
The bride and groom.
A surprise performance by the Unexpexted Boys (singing Frankie Vallie) very fun! Call Wendy Joblon if you want to book them for your wedding or party!
The drove all the way up from New Jersey and were driving back after the performance!
A very shy guest helping out by playing "Sherrie". This is the original wedding party! Those two 'kids' in front were the flower girl and ring bearer!The grandkids did a really cute performance too. They each did a little rap about themselves.After this little girl said her part, she was done so she threw the mic on the floor, so cute! and loud!

Is jack a serious and unfunny guy? No, just look at him jumping in with the ladies, he's smart too!

Of course some fun dancing at the end of the evening...

The Photo Lounge was in full swing at the party... But as usual the kids stole the show and hogged the Photo Lounge getting lots of funny photos of themselves. I think they would still be there if they could be. It's just so fun!!!

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