Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nick and Linda - Photo Lounge at Glen Manor 8-30-08

Well what can I say...the Photo Lounge was a hit as usual! Linda and Nick had us at their reception for Photo Lounge fun. This was quite a wild crowd, they actually took more photos that any other lounge event so far!!! SO many photos that the people who snapped their photos at the end of the night did not get their photos to take home! Sorry if you are one of those people, we are sending the photos on to Nick and Linda, so give them a ring if you are looking for yours. Not only did everyone have a great time taking photos, but I chatted with a few of the sharp business minds at the wedding and they think I should take the Photo Lounge international! So be sure to look us up in the UK next year! Cheers!

If you would like to receive and email when all of these photos are posted online to view and order, please click here to sign up on Pictage. You can 'find your event' by first names and wedding date.

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