Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Road Trip!

While Melissa was battling wet and wild weather at Jessica and Mike's wedding, Trish and I were hitting the open road! We were on our way to Vermont for Allyson and Ian's fabulous destination wedding. First stop is of course the gas station...
Gum, another essential item for the trip. Don't want to breathe on my brides with bad breath of course. Know what else is essential? Proper wedding attire! Right after Trish took this photo I remembered that I forgot my wedding clothes... guess we better go back to my place to pick those up!

Perfect traveling conditions? Yes, if you like dark, rainy, foggy winding roads through the mountains! As mentioned previously, I got this GPS for my birthday and it saved the day once again! Trish and I would probably still be lost somewhere in Vermont if we didn't have it...

Well, we made it... we got rested and headed out for some breakfast- how Vermont is this?

Trish is familiarizing herself with the area. She is a little horrified that I am posting photos of her- with her, as she calls it, "80's hair".

Maybe you won't notice it's her this way.... Yummy breakfast! it's going to be a long day, so we need to fill up.

We arrive at 9am to set up the photolounge. The photolounge as you probably know is always a HUGE hit. It does however, require quite a bit of effort to get set up. We figured it would make sense to do it early, and since we have already had our super breakfast we are ready to go!

Here's me wrangling the photolounge curtains...

And one test photo just to make sure... again excuse the 80's hair! Mine is looking a little 80's too, oops!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the post of Allyson and Ian's Vermont wedding!

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