Thursday, September 4, 2008

Alexis and Joe - Kinney Bungalow at Sunset Farms, Narragansett 8-31-08 Photos by Trish and Melissa

I think I might be the luckiest person in the world, I think a lot of other photographers feel that way too. I get to go to beautiful places and do my photo thing which is so fun and work with awesome people, it's just the best! And of course Alexis and Joe are no exception! I was so excited to go to Kinney Bungalow since I had never actually been there before, although I have driven by it countless times and thought the same thing each time, "that place is so cool, I wish they did weddings there". So how excited was I to find myself shooting there on Sunday in the exact kind of light I had been picturing in my mind since they booked me, everything was perfect! There is a farm stand too, so it you find yourself on Route 108 in Narragansett be sure to stop there, it's so cute!

The many phases of Alexis...

With the bridesmaids on a cool branch bench.

Melissa was with the guys doing photos of them getting ready. She has been a friend of Joe's since grade school! Can you stand it?! Melissa was really a guest at the wedding but she wanted to take some pictures of the guys, her husband was a groomsmen!

Melissa's artistic photo of Joe having a moment, it really makes you wonder what is going on! (he wasn't really yelling, just being dramatic for a better photo)

The flowers were done by Elaine at Weedweavers in Wakefield. She is an amazing artist with flowers! She actually did my wedding and I still have an amazing wreath made out of driftwood hanging in my home.

More fun shots with the guys by Melissa...

How great is Joe's expression as he watches Alexis come down the isle (photos by Melissa)...

They look so happy! Because they are!

They are funny too...

I was so excited when I saw these bales of hay! What perfect props for posing...

So I was also excited when I saw the side of this barn and thought what a great backdrop for pix. Then as we walked over I was horrified to see this horse having his bath in my photo spot! So we came back in a bit and I got my shot.

This is so romantic and so them! They love to snuggle and smooch a lot.

The reception is on the second floor so you get a view of the farm and great light! Morins was the caterer.

Here's Melissa and her hubby, the famous Miles Lacouture... He looks good here, but he was acting up all day. I had to yell at him, and it was fun!

I think Joe is psyched!

Another Melissa photo of me getting dancing pix, I hope they don't mind that I stood on the couch! The people on the right look concerned...

At the front door...

When Melissa talked to Joe he said there was corn there and she screamed on the phone, he thought she was nuts. Then when I got there and saw the corn I was giddy about it. I think these are my first corn shots ever...

I LOVE this one...

and this one.

But I think this is the one I am most excited about, I'm crazy for it. Isn't it funny how the golden colors are back from the 70's?

This photo feels like the last day of August to me.

Here is the farm stand I mentioned, so rustic and fabulous.

How lovely is this place! Check their website for more info about the history of it.

You know how I love blue light, I was in heaven! Joe's mom made the cake!!!

This guy was the best dancer! It was really more of a video moment, but I had to include him and some of his moves, to good to miss!

Oh, and here is the lovely Melissa finally getting to get her groove on!

Smooching in the foyer...the reception is on the second floor, with windows all around.

As I was leaving I was struck by how bright the sky was with stars, you don't see any of this as you get closer to the city where I live. Dreamy...

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful and I think that you personally just sold me on the reception site!