Friday, September 5, 2008

Andrea and Mark in Fall River and Assonet 9-1-08 Photos by Trish and Mariah

Mariah and I had the pleasure of working together this past Monday, what? Monday? Yes, it was labor day, people get married on July 4th, so why not September 1st?! We worked with the lovely Andrea and Mark, they were fabulous and did a great job posing and being happy for the photos. The weather was fantastic and we really had a great time! See photos below for proof...

What a beautiful invitation, simple yet elegant!
This first meeting was so great! They were smart and just had the two of them, and their documentation team of course. So they were relaxed and just happy to see each other.

Here is Mariah's view...

I just loved this moment, it was very real, they were doing all of this on their own and we were just shooting away.

At first we were a little worried about this location, but it turned out to have lots of great nooks and crannies and the afternoon light worked out perfectly! And who doesn't like a ship in the background?!

Here is the team at work, and of course the quintessential onlooker. Mike Picard did the video.

Andrea was game for anything, she was even willing to sit on these steps in her dress before the wedding! It's true that you get out what you put in...

What a view!

As previously mentioned they were game for anything, which was great because we found this really fun mill building around the corner that was perfect.

Working it! High fashion style...maybe she's been watching America's Next Top Model?
Andrea made us so happy with her willingness to climb on to a dirty loading dock for these pictures, it was totally worth it.
We were REALLY excited about getting these shots, it was so fun!
Mariah's angle...

Here I am doing the 'photo-ing' of our lovely couple. I think I look very official. (I hope that no one notices that I wear the same thing to every wedding)(I do have different shirts and pants by the way).

Here is what I was shooting...
They had their ceremony and reception at Independence Harbor, they have beautiful grounds there!
The whole gang!
Five kids all looking at the camera at the same time? Is it possible? They were so cute! I love the miniature adult clothes on kids.

This place had great lighting, even under the gazebo, fabulous! They had such a heartfelt ceremony, performed by Mark's sister!

It was actually almost 7:30 at this point so there was not much light, I thought this movement was fun.
Andrea's mom, Mary Robichaud is pastry chef at Gourmet Gateau, she made this cake! Wowza!
They had quite and elaborate dance, this expression is too funny!
The Marsel's rocked it out and people were dancing like mad!
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