Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Evan and Steve's Rehersal Dinner at the Eisenhower House in Newport - Photos by Trish

You may remember these two two from their photodate in Newport a few months back. I got to see them again on Friday night for their rehearsal dinner party at the Eisenhower House. They had a really festive traditional New England clambake. Since they are from Tallahasee, Florida, this was something very different than what they are used to. Check back on Friday for their wedding photos...
The groom's cake, not a New England theme, but appropriate for Steve!

I really love the green and white stripe tent and the tables looked so great!

Running off for a few photos before their guests arrived.

You can't really beat the sunset and a schooner as a backdrop.

Or the Newport bridge.

A little 'local flavor'. Do people from other parts of the country know what a Quahog is? I think it's a Rhode Island thing.

Warm chowder on a brisk night was perfect.

Evan really was hoping for a Fall feeling, she got lucky, the weather really felt like the beginning of Fall with the cool, brisk air.

All of the guests traveled to Newport for the wedding, so it was fun for them to get the full New England experience.
Here is Evan with her parents...such nice people!
Steve's lobster pants were the hit of the night! Hey, it's Newport you can totally get away with that here. (Lobsters are the new whales)

All the guests! I tried to get everyone to stand so they could see me, but I think we missed a few in the back there.

Dinner time...

Dinner had to be explained and unveiled first...
McGrath's Clambake explained the long and intricate cooking process to all the guests.Wa-la!

I think everyone was really excited when they saw those lobsters (the ones on the seaweed, not on Steve's pants).

This is my new friend Betty here with her daughter, she is a big fan of the Snap! blog and reads it all the time...hey Betty!

This guy was looking at me funny...

The best man and his wife having fun with thier dinner...

Isn't it funny how all of a sudden wearing a bib is not only acceptable but encouraged!

The bride and groom with their special lobsters, see you tomorrow...

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