Monday, September 8, 2008

Holy Hanna! Amy and Vaughn at Astor's Beechwood 9.06.08 Photos by Mariah and Sarah

"Welcome to my hurricane wedding!" was the greeting that Amy delivered to her guests when she got up to thank them all for coming. Everyone laughed, because at that point we were all tucked inside Beechwood Mansion safe and dry. Not the case for earlier in the day however... All week I fretted about the weather and checked my computer incessantly. Apparently, Amy was doing the same on her end- as her laptop was open to this when I arrived at the Mill Street Inn...

What an outrage the forecast for Sunday is!

At this point in the day, it isn't raining yet in Newport. Amy is up for anything and REALLY wants to do photos outside so we decide to go with Plan A even though it looks a little sketchy. All she has to do is get dressed and we'll be on our way to meet Vaughn for photos before the ceremony. I am already feeling inspired because I love this cool circular staircase.

Amy wears her grandmother and grandfather's wedding bands pinned to her bouquet for good luck.

Love Amy's dress, the bands of fabric are a really nice touch.

Amy is super excited about her cute little bun up-do. She spent the morning at Kira Salon in Newport.

Beautiful Bouquet by Joyce at Stoneblossom!

Vaughn is getting ready across the hall. He has 5 groomsmen, and unfortunately he is the only one who knows how to tie a proper bow tie! Hadn't thought about that I guess! Vaughn is cool and collected and manages to get them all tied, even himself! Photo by Sarah

Super handsome portrait of Vaughn at a cool abandoned (I think) house across the street from the Inn. Photo by Sarah.

Super Handsome portrait of Vaughn by me, did I mention he's super handsome? He may look calm here, but now I think he's starting to get worried. We are waiting for Amy at Ledge Road and the clouds are starting to look a little ominous...

All the men... (with nicely tied bow ties I might add).

Here she is! How cute is this first meeting? Amy was not worried at all about the sprinkles starting to fall, she just wants to see Vaughn!

This photo is exactly how I envisioned it! I love it when a plan comes together! This photo is my view...

and this one is Sarah's...

This is also Sarah's... cue the crashing waves please!

This is also what I envisioned, very dramatical and romantical!

I didn't envision this, but I am pretty stoked that I got it! How cute is Amy? I love her expression in this photo, of course only she knows what Vaughn is whispering to her!


next we hop in the car because it starts to downpour!!! Not just a little either, it's really raining out there. Amy remains optimistic that it will break again so we head over to the Cliffwalk for some photos. After about 20 minutes there is a break in the rain so we all jump out of our cars... I like this photo of Amy's nice legs, and of course Vaughn being chivalrous.
40 steps, a fav spot...
The whole gang- and Sarah getting a cool shot with her fisheye lens.

The gals...

The rain is back, so we make a dash for the cars...

Safe and dry again on the trolley. Photo by Sarah

just in time for a little snuggling! Photo by Sarah

Oh, that's right, they still need to get married! Amy with her mom and dad.

The ceremony was of course moved inside, but isn't it lovely? Photo by Sarah

This room is so glowy and warm.

Cocktails on the patio- just what Amy was hoping for. Hanna is really cooperating!

Blue light special!

What's better than one cake? Two!

I don't even know what to say about this!

Some old friends at the cocktail hour... (Mr. Kapos, former father of the bride... the lovely Stephanie, formerly a Kapos and a Snap! bride... Mrs. Kapos, a really hot MOB... and Sean, who won the heart of Stephanie and happens to be the cousin of Amy AND referred us to her! Thanks guys!)

Not sure what's happening here, there are spoons and a small pink feather hat? Hmmm...

Here Amy is getting a "Night at the Roxbury" treatment.

Vaughn's mom enjoying the toasts... oh and Uncle Bill too, who served as a chauffeur during the formals... thanks!

We did it!

And off I head into the wild weather, it's a wrap!

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  1. Mariah and Sarah,

    The photos are absolutely beautiful. Vaughn and I are so happy with them and we can't wait to see the rest!

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