Friday, September 26, 2008

Evan and Steve at Castle Hill Inn, Newport 9.20.08 - Photos By Trish and Ara

What a fantastic day Evan and Steve had! She was going for a Fall festival kind of theme and it totally came together. As mentioned in their earlier blog, they are from Florida, so this was a destination wedding for them and they were excited to have the cool-ish Fall air come in just for them. When I met them for their portrait session back in June they told me how they met... Evan had been hit by a car while crossing the street with friends one evening and when she was rushed to the emergency room, Steve happened to be the on-call surgeon. From what I heard at the wedding it sounds like even though Evan was so severly ingured, she let him know that she was single right away! He subsequently performed five surgeries on her leg to bring it back to be the fantastic leg she has today, (I say fantastic because she wears really high heals with grace and ran a marathon last year!) So I say look Steve up if you break your leg! But not if your single, because he's off the market now. Lucky guy!

Steve and the guys got ready in one of the cottages at Castle Hill, how great is this view!

Can't you just feel the beach from this shot?

I found this funny plant with shells on it! I have never seen this before, it looks like some kind of snail that hangs out on the branches. There is one towards the bottom too.

Steve's personalized cuff links with monogram and wedding date.

Getting a little help with the cuff links.

Relaxing a bit before the ceremony with some fly fishing...

How cute are these girls in the wedding colors? Evan and her mom thought of every detail!

Her dress and veil were stunning...

See what I mean about the high heels, no problem!

Evan wore the same earrings her mom wore on her wedding day!

There's her mom Becky getting the veil just right. I love this moment.

My favorite artsy shot of the day...

I thought that the vintage processing would really help convey the Fall theme...

Ara caught this shot of her with her Dad before they walked down the isle.

This one too, such a classic!

I was really excited when Evan turned into the sunlight like this during the ceremony.

A lovely ceremony during a beautiful Fall sunset.

I do.

Yay, we're married! Evan looks glowy.

Speaking of glowy...


The bridesmaids were really nice, here they are having a fun moment after the ceremony.

Sayles Livingston did the flowers, amazing as usual!!!

How's this for a Fall theme! Rustic, yet elegant.

Every other table had this arrangement and then the tall ones, so fantastic!

Evan looks so beautiful, I love the long veil, so bridal!

Here's the whole gang, too bad they were so serious and didn't have any fun!

They are really cute together and obviously very in love...

My second favorite artsy shot of the day...

I was absolutely crazy for this white birch tree section under the cake, it reminds me of camp! Although it was not nearly this fancy... Cake by Cappuccino's

The classic adirondack chairs...

A lovely toast from her very proud and happy father.

The first dance...

Evan threw the bouquet just the right distance, nice arc!

Too funny, I love their expressions, you can just tell what they are saying.

Super cute dancing with her Dad.

Each guest got to take home a candy or carmel apple, yum-o-rama!

Dancing the night away...

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