Thursday, October 22, 2009

Susannah and Scott in Narragansett Part 2

Posted by Mariah:

Nothing says Rhode Island like Del's Lemonade and nothing says refreshment like spiking it! Yum.

Some of Susannah and Scott's favorite places to "bee".

Go Cubs!

Heading down to the water for a few photos of the new Mr. and Mrs.

Ah, finally alone... with me and Melissa of course.

Melissa was busy photographing the inside of the tent. Fun lighting by Tony Ormonde Productions.

So pretty.

A little portrait of Susannah's family...

Our bridal party... I don't think I even know this many people! Fun angle by Melissa.

Scott's family.

What a perfect day, squeezing out the last bits of summer!

Susannah and the "Darien" crowd. I have to include this photo if for no other reason than the whale pants!

Gorgeous, simple arrangements.

Here's the lady behind the scenes making it all happen! Lucia from Guiding Star Events made everything run smoothly.

Time for everyone to make their way down to the tent for the reception.

I think this is the kind of photo that their kids will probably look at a million times and say, "Wow, you guys looked so young!"
It's just a classic.

Party time!

I hadn't met Scott before this day so I had no idea about his mad dance moves! He's just getting warmed up here! He basically swirled every lady at the party around the dance floor! You can tell that Susannah and Scott have danced a lot together! I love that.

Right? So sweet.

Everyone wants a dance with the fair lady- even Father O'Donovan!

A funny and sweet toast by Susannah's brother who obviously adores his younger sister.

Turns out that he and Scott were friends first- and Scott took a shine to Susannah...

Susannah's brother decided that Scott was good enough for his sister- whew!

This is a whole family of crazy dancers! Here's Susannah with her dad.

Good thing she's as light as a feather, makes it easier to whip her around!

I have no idea what is going on in this photo.

Or this one... but it looks like fun. Whale pants again- how can you not have fun when you are wearing whale pants?

Now things are heating up! And they continued to dance like this for the next 2 hours- quite an energetic group! Where did I put my cake?

And, a little blue light to end the evening!
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