Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chrissy and Danny at Oceancliff, Part Two

So here we are back for more...We arrived at Oceancliff and headed right out to the lawn because the sun was quickly setting. We really got there just at the right time!

You know how we love us some sun flare! Of course it helps when the sun is actually out!

They have super powers now...

Danny was looking at his bride all day in amazement, it was fabulous!

He couldn't get over her beauty...

All the ladies in the house...

All the fellas...are acting crazy.

Did I say crazy, I meant kooky. Here they are doing some cartwheels.

Not to be outdone, the ladies put their heads together for a fun shot.

And to finish up the wedding party festivities, a little jumping for good luck.

A day of perfect lighting. Thank you!

This cake is huge, and very delicious looking, yum!

The ballroom!

Such cool table numbers!

Some creative entrances by the bridal party...

Luckily the music was really loud, because I screamed when this happened! I don't think you can ever have too many photos...I love photos! But I usually like to have the primary vantage point. Although this shot is growing on me.

The first dance!

Aw, nose kisses are the best!

The maid of honor delivering a sweet toast.

To her friend who is just as sweet.

This crowd got the evening off to a fun start with a Thriller tribute dance!


Classic cakes antics!

This was the craziest dance party ever! Dick and Jane band through the Hank Agency in Boston.


This guys was really getting it going! C'mon people!


More crazy dancing...

...and they lived happily ever after.

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