Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lisa and Matt's (wicked cute) Photodate

Posted by Trish:

I had the BEST time photographing these two! They live in Brookline in a super cute little neighborhood, so we just kept it local and had fabulous backdrops for the photos. In addition to the great location were these huge balloons that they got just for the shoot, when she told me about them I was really looking forward to shooting with them, oooh fun props!

They are totally in love, which made it easy for me! I barely had to tell them how to pose at all.

When she told me about the balloons, this was the exact shot I had in my mind that I wanted to take. Check!

There is just something SO FUN about balloons, what great expressions!

This is one of my favorites! So playful and romantic.

They are both such fun loving people so running back and forth on this green was no problem for them...

As Mariah would say, they should totally get a canvas of this one!

These balloons almost carried Lisa away... :)

Oh, so romantical!

It's like the Boy with the Red Balloon...but updated a bit! LOL Matt is too funny!

So we just walked down the street a bit and here was this amazing graffiti wall, perfect!

I like the formal attired with the rough wall, sweet.

More great posing, these two really were working it. Maybe they could offer a 'posing workshop'.

More being in love...there was a lot of this!

Whoa, hot stuff!

Really, really hot stuff!

Off to our final location, this amazing park across the street from their place, love it!

Lisa is going to be such a beautiful bride, can't wait to see her on the day!

More love and romance...but you can never have enough!

I never get tired of jumping photos...ever.

Another amazing spot, a little reservoir next to the park with a walking path, everything is so green and lovely, but not for long!

See you guys soon, thanks for a fun afternoon!



  2. GREAT pictures!! It looks like fun too. It kinda makes me re-think our decision to not have e-photos done!